Thursday, March 22, 2007


Today’s lecture was from the banks of Anantha pushkarini in Sirupuliyur. When Anantha, the serpent and Garuda, the vulture had a tussle, Anantha came to this place and hid himself in this tank. Later he served the Lord as His bed. So a bath in this tank is believed to wipe out naga dosha or snake curses. We will see the 3rd sloka of chapter 2:

klaibyam ma sma gamah partha
naitat tvayy upapadyate
ksudram hridaya-daurbalyam
tyaktvottistha parantapa

"O son of Pritha! do not yield to this degrading impotence. It does not becoming of you. Give up such petty weakness at heart and getup, Oh! destroyer of the enemy."

Sri Krishna calls Arjuna, Paranthapa or one who creates fear in his enemies’ hearts. When Arjuna is on the chariot and takes his bow the enemies will shiver out of fear. Is that Arjuna, who has to lead the army is perturbed? Then how can he lead the army to victory? People want protection of them by Arjuna and if he falters and sits with tears in his eyes and mind shaken. then who is going to protect them? Sri Krishna asks him to get up. Any person mentally weak could be encouraged to his self by these 2nd and 3rd slokas of 2nd chapter. God’s advice rich in meaning has the power to wake up anyone from gloom and depression and make him cheerful. Elders’ advice can dispel darkness and gloom. Such depression sometimes leads one to commit suicide saying the end has come. No one knows what the end is and when it is going to come. One has to pass his life happily. With a suicide the problem never gets solved nor one should worry about the casual remarks of a few when the world is waiting for more important things to be done. Being cheerful makes others around also cheerful. Spending even a few minutes with such people make others to forget their woes. So Arjuna should never feel depressed. Retirement from official activities some times make one feel dejected. Why should that be? One can always be useful to the house and society. With recent trend for early voluntary retirement how can one waste the rest of his life idling? Unless we engage our body and mind on some noble objective, one gets depressed and feels dejected. Arjuna is expected to destroy Adharma or wrongdoing as an objective and so how he can feel gloomy. Especially when Sri Krishna, the Lord and his cousin is by his side and guiding. When Sri Krishna reminds him that He is there to guide him, Arjuna should not feel despondent. This advice is not only to Arjuna but also to every one of us. This type of cowardice mentality is not fitting Arjuna. We many times wonder if a person shows an unusual behavior. Arjuna’s habits are courage, bravery and daring. So Sri Krishna is trying to clear him from the unusual behavior. Mental dejection is like quicksand and may ruin the person unless someone from outside gives a helping hand. This is precisely what Sri Krishna is doing to bring out Arjuna and cheer him.

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