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BG 18.45

19. TIRU NAAGAI [NAGAPPATTINAM] திரு நாகை [நாகப் பட்டினம்]:

Because Adisesha, the great serpent, worshiped the Lord in Kruta yug, this place is known as Nagappattinam. The Lord Sri Soundara Raja Perumal, is in standing pose. Sri Thayar is Sri Soundaryavalli Thayar. Tirumangai Alwar was so much attracted by the beauty of the Lord that he wanted to mention the beauty in every pasuram. But he lost himself in the beauty and excitingly cried 'accho! oruvar azhagiyava! [அச்சோ! ஒருவர் அழகியவா!]' - like a bride! In Kali yug, King Salisuka worshiped and did many services. One can be attracted by the Lord's eyes, chin, nose, cheeks and what not! Alwar found the Lord here as Soudara [beautiful] Raja [King].

20. TIRU TANJAIMAMANI KOIL [THANJAVUR] திரு தஞ்சை மா மணிக் கோயில்:

This temple is in Tanjore, on the banks of Vennaru. Actually, this Kshetram consists of Three temples, counted as a Single Divya desam. In Thanjaimamani Koil, the Lord is Sri Neelamega Perumal. Next is Sri Manikkunra Perumal. Third is Sri Narasimha as Sri Thanjai Aali Perumal. [ஸ்ரீ தஞ்சையாளி பெருமாள்] Why here the Lord is in Three forms? There were Three Asuras - Tanjakan, Gajamukan and Dandakan, were tormenting devotees. They meditated on lord Shiva and tried to get immortality. Once sage Parashara was meditating near a pond, which was the only water storage at that time, here. The Three Asuras came here and after spoiling the water tried to give trouble to the sage. The sage prayed to the Lord. The Lord took Three forms and destroyed all of them. First He killed Tanjakan, who requested that the place should be named after him. Thus this place came to be known as Tanjavur. Then, the Lord took the form of Sri Narasimha or Sri Tanjai Aali, and killed Gajamukan. The Third Asura, Dandakan was driven away by Sri Manikunra Perumal.
21. TIRU NANDIPURA VINNAGARAM [NATHAN KOIL]திரு நந்திபுர விண்ணகரம் [நாதன் கோயில்]:
This place is known as Nandipura Vinnagaram and as Nathan Koil, very near Kumbakonam. The Lord is Sri Jagannathan. There are Five Vinnagarams in the 108 Divya desams - Tiru Vinnagar [Oppilappan Koil], Parameswara Vinnagaram, Kazhichirama Vinnagaram, Nandipura Vinnagaram and Arimeya Vinnagaram. This temple is ably administered by the Jeer of Sri Vanamamalai Mutt. Sri Thayar is Senbagavalli Thayar. Sri Thayar, in order to be with the Lord, meditated facing East. The Lord, facing West and seated, accepted Her on HIs chest. The Lord appeared before Sri Thayar on Aippasi Shukla Paksha Friday. The Lord is gracing with all the Five Divine weapons. Nandi is the vehicle of lord Shiva. Once Nandi came to worship Sriman Narayana. Nandi was stopped at the gates by the Dwara Palakas. Nandi tried to go in and so the Dwara Palakas cursed Nandi. Lord Shiva advised Nandi to go to Nathan Koil and pray to the Lord there. Thus this place is called Nandipura Vinnagaram.

22. TIRU VELLIYANKUDI திரு வெள்ளியங்குடி :

Here also the Lord is gracing as Sri Rama. Velli means Shukra. Shukra's curse was resolved. So, this place is known as Velliyankudi. Viswakarma was Devas; carpenter and Mayan was Asuras' carpenter. While the former had many jobs, Mayan was without any job and so he came to this place and worshiped. The Lord is Sri Kolavilli Rama [we saw Sri Valvil Rama in Pullambhutamkudi]. Sri Moolavar is in reclining pose. Sri Thayar is Sri Marakathavalli Nacchiyar. One speciality is that Garuda graces with Four hands. Another thing is Banana tree is on stone surface! It is the Sthala Vruksham. Also every year bunch of bananas are produced.
23. THERAZHUNDUR [TIRU AZHUNDUR] திரு அழுந்தூர் [தேரழுந்தூர்]:

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The Kshetram has been praised by Tirumangai Alwar. The Lord is Sri Aamaruvi Appan aka Sri Gosakan aka Sri Devadiraja. When Tirumangai Alwar came to this place, he was told that Sri Devadeva was here. Alwar, thining it was another demi god, returned without worshiping the Lord. But he could not go beyond Pushkarini and some force was preventing him to go further. When he turned back, the Lord appeared with cow and calf. Sri Thayar is Sri Senkamalavalli Thayar. Sri Moolavar is not accompanied by Sri Thayar, but by Garuda and Prahlada on either sides. Prahlada prayed to Sri Narasimha, to appear with shanta swaroopam and the Lord obliged him here. Garuda wanted to donate a precious Vimanam and found this place suitable and presented it to the Lord, and remained here ever worshiping Him. King Uparichara Vasu's chariot was always running above the ground. But once in a debate between Rishis and Devas, his judgement was one sided and then the chariot got into the ground. Thus it is Ther [தேர் chariot], azhundu [அழுந்து pressed] place. There are sannidhis of Sri Ranganatha and Sri Govindaraja.
24. SIRUPULIYUR திருச் சிறுபுலியூர்:
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The Lord is Sri Arulmakadal or Sri Krupa Samudra Perumal. If His mercy could be like an ocean, how great the Lord would be?! To resolve a dispute between Garuda and Adisesha, the Lord is reclining here in a small form! Sri Thayar is Sri Tirumamagal aka Sri Dayanayaki Thayar. There is separate sannidhi for Adisesha. At the entrance of the temple is a sannidhi for Swami Manavala Mamunigal. Tirumangai Alwar has praised this Kshetram in Ten pasurams.
Now, we will see sloka 53:

ahaṃkāraṃ balaṃ darpaṃ kāmaṃ krodhaṃ parigraham
vimucya nirmamaḥ śānto brahmabhūyāya kalpate 18.53

Brahmabhuyaya = in order to have Atma darshan, kalpate = [this person] is qualified. Thus, if one lives with qualities as mentioned in slokas 51, 52 and 53, then he qualifies to have atma darshan and gets it. Vimuchya = abandoning. This word has to be placed before every quality mentioned. Ahankaram = ego, with the misunderstanding that body is atman. With this knowledge, how atma darshan is possible? Balam = strength [of the imprint or vasana of the feeling that body is atman, which has been carried over in numerous births]. Like this there are many undesirables sticking to us from many births. Darpam = pride or haughtiness. Because we consider body as atman, we are proud that we are handsome, we are strong, etc. Kamam = greediness. Desiring to possess anything seen. Krodham = anger. It is a result of unsatisfied desires. Prigraham = relatives. We think those connected with body as relatives and never search for atma bhandu or relatives of atman. Relatives should mutually cultivate Bhakti or good qualities. Thus one has to discard ahankaram, balam, darpam, kamam, krodham and parigraham. Nirmama = without the feeling of mine. We should never think an act as 'my' act, 'my' effort, 'my' result, etc. Santa = with calmness or shanti. Such a person gets atma sakshatkaram or atma darshan. The Lord has told what we should possess and what we should not possess. With atma sakshatkaram, one should be involved in Bhakti and performing Bhakti yoga for a long time, reaches the Lord. In these slokas - 51. 52 and 53 - the Lord has told the means to have Atma darshan. We should strive to follow whatever is possible.

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