Tuesday, March 18, 2008

BG 7.9

We are in this Kshetram known as Thirunaraiyur, Sugandhagiri or Nachiyar Koil. Thirumangai Alwar composed 100 pasurams on this Kshetram. He reiterates an Historical event in these pasurams. 'Kocchenganar serndha koil', 'deiva vaazh valamkonda chozhan serndha koil'. There was a Chola king Kocchenganar, also known as Cholanayanar. He faced many defeats in battles and not knowing what to do, came to this Kshetram and after bathing in the pushkarini [temple pond], prayed the Lord. He got a divine sword and with that sword he conquered all. Today's [19th March 2008] lecture is from the Pushkarini. It is known as Manimuthaa. There lived a sage Medhavi, who meditated on the banks of this pond after bathing. His objective was that the Thayar should be born to him as his daughter. Conceding to his prayers, Thayar appeared as a child under a vanjula tree. The sage was very happy and brought up the Child as his daughter and christened Her as Sri Vanjulavalli. The Lord also came down as Sri Srinivasa and married Her. They grace the devotees in the wedding pose. Here, the Lord appears with a single Consort, Sri Vanjulavalli Thayar, on His right side. Once Garuda carried a diamond studded Crown -Vairamudi- and searched for a suitable idol of the Lord. One pearl fell down in this pond from that Crown and so this pushkarini is known as Manimuthaa. Incidentally, today's sloka 7 also is about studs or pearls or mani:

mattah parataram nanyat
kincid asti dhananjaya
mayi sarvam idam protam
sutre mani-gana iva

"O conqueror of wealth, there is no truth superior to Me. Everything rests upon Me, as pearls are strung on a thread."

In the last sloka Sri Krishna told that He was responsible for Creation and obliteration of all without any exception. He also said that all chit and achit were His properties. He said these to emphasize His greatness, so that we develop devotion in Him. Also, we understand that we are all His belongings and so it is our duty to please our Master. Knowing His auspicious qualities and involving ourselves in enjoying those, become our objective. He is the Means and He is the Destiny. Dhanajaya = conquerer of wealth. Here, the Lord calls Arjuna by this name with a wink in the eyes, that Arjuna [as also we] thinks that he conquers and possesses wealth; but forgets that all are His property and nothing could be claimed as Arjuna's or our property. Matta = from Me [Sri Krishna], anyat = different, kincid = anyone, parataram = superior in qualities, nasti = is not there. None of all we see and feel, objects, persons and souls, different from Sri Krishna, not even a single item, is superior to Sri Krishna in qualities. Sri Krishna is the Supreme and superior to all, without exception. Idam sarvam = all these perceptible and atman, mayi = in Me [Sri Krishna], mani gana iva protam = like assembly of studs or pearls, sutre = secured bya thread [in a neck lace]. Swami Vedantha Desika in his Tatparya Chandrika has commented on this with his unique intelligence. Why should Sri Krishna use this example [of pearls assembled by thread in a necklace] here. Nothing different from the Lord is superior to Him in any qualities such as Gyana, strength, wealth, Power, courage and brightness. There is none equal or superior to Him. No objects or atman or gods. Upanishads say ' na tad samasya abhya vidat ca vrucyate'. There is no one equal or superior to Him. One of the neighboring Kshetrams is Oppiliappan Koil, aka Thiruvinnagaram. Tirumangai Alwar says oppilada Appan. Incomparable Lord. This is what is meant in this sloka also. We understand by this that our Master is matchless. We get the confidence that we are with the greatest Person, having no comparison. Here the Thayar is called Sri Nambikkai Nachiyar [nambikkai = confidence]. We are not the servants of some Tom, Dick and Harry; but the Most Superior Person. The Lord is known as Nambi, meaning full of qualities. Thayar is full of mercy and the pond is full of sacred water. He has all auspicious qualities in abundance and complete and there is none equal to Him to possess any qualities. So we can confidently attach ourselves to Him. He says He is thread in all animate and inanimate - chits and achits - and appear as a garland or necklace. Thread supports an assembly of pearls or studs. A single thread is keeping all the pearls together. While we see all pearls and studs, we never see the thread inside. Like pearls or studs are in great number but thread being one, we are all in great number, but are all supported by a single entity - the Lord. We see the pearls but not the thread; likewise we see all the objects and persons but not the Lord. Though the thread appears to be slender and the studs appear bigger, it is the thread which supports the studs. He supports and sustains every soul.

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