Thursday, June 12, 2008

BG 9.1

Today [6th June 2008] we will start Chapter 9 study, first by seeing the condensed form in Gitartha sangraha, by Swami Alavandar.

svam¯ah¯atmyam.manus.yatve mah¯atman¯am
 vi´ses.o navame yogo bhaktir¯upah.prak¯ırtitah. 13

Navame = in the 9th Chapter, yogo = yoga, bhaktirupa = in bhakti roopam, prakirtita = explained. In Chapter 9, Bhakti yoga is explained. Bhakti yoga explanation started in Chapter 7, but is concluded in this Chapter only. Four aspects are explained in this Chapter:
1) Sva mahatmyam = the Lord explains His glory Himself. This was told in Chapter7 but is repeated again by the Lord. Why should He repeat? If Arjuna had understood it properly, immediately Arjuna should have started the war as advised by Sri Krishna. So, repetition has become necessary.
2) Manusyatve paratvam = The Lord's Supremacy, even born as a man. In whatever form He appears, His Superiority as the Lord of all the Worlds, is always exhibited.
3) Mahatmanam visesha = Glory of mahatman, that is Devotees of the highest order, like Thirumazhisai Alwar or Bhaktisara. His devotion was so great that the titles of the Lord and the devotee were exchanged.
4) Yogo bhakti rupa = Bhakti yoga is glorified.
His greatness, His ever supremacy irrespective of how He appears, greatness of devotees and Bhakti yoga are explained in Chapter 9. We will see further this Chapter.

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