Thursday, June 26, 2008

BG 9.12

Thirumangai Alwar is the last among Alwars. From today [23rd June 2008] onwards, we will be in Alwar's region. That is, we have entered Sirkazhi [சீர்காழி], which along with other Kshetrams of Thiru Nangoor, are all praisedr in his pasurams by this Alwar. This place is known as Kazhi Srirama Vinnagaram [காழிச் சீராம விண்ணகரம்]. This is a popular place and finding it is not difficult. Here the Lord Sri Trivikrama, graces as the famous Sri Thadalan [ஸ்ரீ தாடாளன்].

Sri Trivikrama measured the entire Universe with His foot, for which He begged King Mahabali to grant land. He requested for land of length Three steps by His feet. When it was granted, He took a gigantic form and by His first step He covered the entire Universe and by the second step covered all the upper worlds. With nothing more to cover by the third step, He asked Mahabali as to where was the place for third step. This scene is depicted in this Kshetram and the Lord graces in that pose. What one would get by reaching Vinnagaram [Vaikuntam], will be attained by coming to this Kshetram. We normally are proud of our birth, education and status and this is called ahankaram or ego. Arriving at this Kshetram, would remove this ego. This humble feeling would be felt in Vaikuntam also. That is why this place is called Sirkazhi and reversing the words it becomes Kazhi seer. Sri Rama followed sage Viswamitra to guard the yagna the sage was to perform for six days in Siddhasrama, in Bihar state. This Kshetram also is known as Siddhasrama and since it is connected with Sri Rama, it is called Sri Rama vinnagaram. Thus the place is called Kazhi Sri Rama vinnagaram. Later on we will see why the Lord appeared here. In the Vimanam we can see Thavittuppaanai Thadalan [தவிட்டுப் பானை தாடாளன்] [thavidu = husk, thavittu paanai = pot for containing husk]. How can such a gigantic Lord come into a pot? Yes, that is His greatness. Setting aside His eminence, He takes simple forms to mingle with us; but we are never caring for Him. This idol of the Lord was once worshiped by an elderly woman and she used to store the Lord in a pot. Daily she used to offer pooja and was greatly attached to the Lord. She protected the Lord from external threats and after those threats vanished, the Lord was established in the present place. Thadalan splits as per grammar into thaal [தாள்]= feet, aalan [ஆளன்]= measurer [அளப்பவன்]. Since He measured the land by three steps He is Thadalan. The Lord wanted to publicize His presence as Sri Thavittupanai Thadalan and so He enacted a drama. Once He hid Himself in the palace of Nawab of Arcot. Not finding the Lord in the usual place, all started searching. In the dream of Sudandhram Padayachi, the Lord appeared and revealed His hiding place. That devotee did not know how to bring the Lord; the Lord solved that problem also by asking him to call Him as Thavittupanai Thadalan, from near the palace compound and He would jump and come to them. They also did likewise and the Lord came back to this temple. Instead of admiring these simple appearances of a very great Person, we are confused and think that the Lord is after all like one of us and do not pay the respects due to Him. This is what is explained by Sri Krishna in the 11 th sloka:

avajananti mam mudha
manusim tanum asritam
param bhavam ajananto
mama bhuta-maheshvaram

"Fools deride Me when I descend in the human form. They do not know My transcendental nature as the Supreme Lord of all that be."

Swamy Alawandar had condensed the entire Chapter 9 in one sloka in his Gitarthasangraham. Till the sloka 10, the Lord mentioned His greatness. While appearing as a human, He establishes He is the Ultimate God, in the subsequent slokas. None recognize Him as the Lord Sriman Narayana or Paramatman, and contiue to ridicule Him. Avajananti = without knowing, mam = Me [Sri Krishna], mudha = fools, manusi tanum = human body, asritam = appearance. Mama = My, Sri Krishna's, param bhavam = great qualities of, bhuta maheswaram = Leader of entire living beings in this Universe, ajananta = ignorant. Without knowing that the Lord is the Leader of each and everyone in this Universe, people are assuming that He is like one of them as He has a human form. So, they ridicule and chide Him as a cowherd, a thief stealing butter, lier, bind Him and abuse. They have never understood that the Lord has cast off all His greatness and has come in the simple form. As Sri Vamana, the Lord appeared a Dwarf; but next moment He showed His gigantic form also. Should we deride Him as the simple Sri Thavittupanai Thadalan or admire Him for His infinite great qualities? So, we have to properly understand Him, as first impression lasts, always. We have to first understand that He is the greatest and then look and admire simple forms He is appearing. The Creator of the entire Universe, Leader of entire Universe, Administrator appointing all various gods and Granter conferring Moksham, is not understood by fools, as He appears in human form like them. Then, why can't He appear as Sriman Narayana? With the limited power of our eyes and other organs, we can never perceive Him in that form. So, He has been kind enough to appear in a form that could be conceived. That way He exhibits His noble qualities of Simplicity, Oneness with commoner and easy approach, for our benefit. Instead we think God is simple or God does not exist. The Lord appeared here to wipe out the ego of lord Brahma, who was proud that he had the longest life cycle. Sage Romasareera, prayed the Lord to remove this pride. The Lord gave a boon that, with the falling of every hair from the body of the sage, the life time of lord Brahma would reduce; and this way Brahma's ego was clipped. We should also avoid ego and understand the Lord's greatness and worship Him here. He is the Lord in Human form.

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