Friday, August 24, 2007


We are at the sannidhi of Sri Parthasarathy. It is apt that the Gitacharya sannidhi is between the Lokacharya Swami Pillai Lokacharya and Jagadacharya Swami Ramanuja sannidhis. We will see the 30th sloka from here.

mayi sarvani karmanisannyasyadhyatma-cetasanirasir nirmamo bhutvayudhyasva vigata-jvarah
"Therefore, O Arjuna, surrendering all your works unto Me, with full knowledge of Me, without desires for profit, with no claims to proprietorship, and free from lethargy, fight."

We have already seen that all our actions are propelled by the three gunas which are associated with prakruthy or this world. But these are abstract and so we also saw that the Lord induces these gunas to act on our actions. Thus the Lord is the prime mover. Therfore it is wise to surrender the rewards of all our actions at the feet of the Lord. Sri Krishna emphasises this by the word mayi. We should dedicate all our actions to the Lord and do the actions with detachment.

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rajman said...

Dear Swamin,

I don't see 3.28 and 3.29 slokas commentary. Is it at a different link?

Adiyen Dasan