Monday, August 27, 2007


Today [24th August,2007] we are at Karambanur or more popularly known Uthamarkoil, near Srirangam. The Lord here is known as Sri Purushothaman and the Moolavar is in a reclining pose on the serpent Adisesha. A unique feature is Brahma along with his consort Saraswati and Parama Shiva along with his consort Parvati are also here blessing the devotees. From here we will see the 32nd sloka. In the 30th sloka Sri Krishna told that Arjuna should offer all his activities at the feet of the Lord [Me] and start fighting. Both Swami Ramanuja in his Gita Bhashyam and Swami Vedantha Desika in Tatparya Chandrika have explained what Sri Krishna meant when He said "My". He is diiferent from all inanimate objects, all atman like us who are caught in the samsaram, all those who have attained Moksham and all the Nithyasoori [Like Adisesha or Garuda], and He is much superior to all as Sri Purushothama. There are those who want to live even at the cost of others. Some others are those who want to live and let others also live. But Uthaman is the one who will lower himself to make others live. Thirumangai Alwar in his Periya Thirumozhi [5.6] he addresses the Lord here as Karambanoor Uthaman. The Lord appeared before sage Kadamba and so this place was called Kadambanoor which got mutilated to Karambanoor. Brahma worshipped the Lord in a kadamba tree and the water Brahma offered became Kadamba theertham, which is the temple pond or pushkarini. We saw in the 31st sloka He praises him who has faith in Karma yoga and follows it. In the 32nd sloka He ridicules the one who does not have faith in Karma yoga and who does not follow it. We should have faith in this as this is recommended by Upanishads and preached by the Lord, Who cares for us. Great He is, and caring for the welfare of Arjuna [ and all of us], His words are to be believed and followed. Even if we can not follow at least we should have shraddha or interest. Least of all we should not be envious. For all the three types of people Sri Krishna guarantees atman sakshatkaram. Now the 32nd sloka:

ye tv etad abhyasuyantonanutishthanti me matamsarva-jnana-vimudhams tanviddhi nastan acetasah
"But those who, out of envy, disregard these teachings and do not follow them are to be considered bereft of all knowledge, befooled, and ruined in their endeavors for perfection."

The non-belevers in His faith are foolish. When such people do not believe His words, where are they going to have faith? Ye tu = he who, etad = this, me matam=My faith [ Karma yoga preached by Sri Krishna], asuyanta = is envious, na anushtanthi = does not practice, sarva jnana vimudhan= possesses no knoeledge [ even if he has all other knowledge]. Here He says " My faith" by pointing to His chest. He is Sri Purushotaman and He is the one Who is praised by vedas, maharishis and Alwars. Such a Person's words can not and should not be ignored. One may possess extensive knowledge in so many matters but if one disregards His preachings, then one is considered to possess no knowledge. One may believe in Him but say thet one does not believe in His words or vedas or Gita. Here one should realize that the fact that God is there is propounded by thes vedas only and so it is foolish not to believe in His words which are vedas. Just as a mother knows what is good for the child, Sri Krishna Who is like mother to all of us, preaches and we should have complete faith in His words. Nastaan =loses, acetah= he becomes lifeless. Though they live it is worthless life and so termed here lifeless. Though here the person who does not show interest is not mentioned we have to assume such persons also, apart from those not practicing and those jealous, are included. Andal calls Sri Trivikrama as Uthaman as He reduced Himself sa a Dwarf to save His devotees. His nature is to grant all to others but went for begging to save His devotees. Therfore He is Uthaman.

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