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BG 15.13

At present we are in Thiruchengunnur Thiruchutraru, one of the Malayala Divya desams. Since a branch of river Pampa is flowing as a small stream [Tamil siriya aaru சிறிய ஆறு], this place is called Thiruchitraru. Since it is near Chengunnur, this place is called Thiruchengunnur Thiruchitraru. The Lord is Sri Imaiyavarappan under Jagajyoti Vimanam. Pushkarini is Shanka theertham. Nammalwar has praised the Lord as Leader of Imaiyavar [Devas]. He also calls Him as 'ennappan [என்னப்பன்]', 'my leader'! He is like amrut to Alwar. The Lord is Leader of Devas, has all Devas as His body and gets all things done through the Devas. It does not mean that the Lord is too far away from Alwar and so he calls Him as his Leader also! Sthala puranam or the history of the place is important. It was mentioned that this place was reconsecrated by Yudhishtra. When he reconsecrated, the Lord had discus in left hand and conch in the right hand. But when the temple was reconsecrated again some 25 years back, the present idol with discus in right hand and conch in left hand was installed. We will now see sloka 12. In sloka 11, the Lord mentioned a concept. It was told that after performing saranagati at the Divine feet of the Lord, if one started Karma Yoga, it was successful and one attained atman sakshatkaram; but, without performing saranagati, if a person were to try Karma Yoga, he would not be successful to attain atman sakshatkaram, as his mind would not have been cleansed and so he would not have been able to differentiate soul from body. We should also remember His earlier statements that Bhaddha Jeevatman as also Mukta Jeevatman, were all His amsam [indispensable part]. We also saw that when atman reached its true nature of Muktatman or Parishuddha atman stage, no Sun nor Moon nor any fire was needed to illuminate such atman. Such atman was swayam prakasam or self luminescent! Now in this sloka the Lord is about to tell, that like Bhaddha and Mukta atman were His amsam, similarly, the brightness of Sun, Moon and Fire were also His belonging or in His control. We had earlier seen that there are so many things in this Universe. To see these, Sun, Moon and fire help in dispelling darkness. It was earlier mentioned that Sun or Moon or fire, themselves do not give us the knowledge about things we see. Only the Gyana of atman is able to recognize all articles we see. Then what was the use of Sun or Moon or fire? They merely help in removing the impediments like darkness, so that atman is able to recognize the item we see. That is the brightness in Sun, Moon, Fire and other luminescent objects dispel darkness. So it is the brightness of these objects help us to recognize what we see. We have to appreciate that the brightness of Sun, Moon and fire, have different usage! Sun's brightness is useful to grow all organisms, to get rains, etc. But Moon's brightness is not meant for these usages. We can not even dry our clothes in Moon shine as we do in Sun shine! Moon's brightness is cooling. Fire also has brightness and is hot like Sun's. But we can not dry our clothes in fire! But fire is useful to cook. Sun's or Moon's brightness can not do this function of fire! Thus though all are bright, the brightness from each, has unique functions. The Lord says that the brightness of each such luminescent objects, is in His control. Sun or Moon or fire has the brightness because of His blessings. Now to sloka 12:

yad ādityagataṃ tejo jagad bhāsayatekhilam
yac candramasi yac cāgnau tat tejo viddhi māmakam 15.12

Viddhi = understand, tat teja = that brightness or luminous capacity is, mamakam = in My [Sri Krishna's] control. Mamakam means 'Mine- Sri Krishna's' or with 'My [Sri Krishna's]' blessings. Which brightness? Yad = that, adityagatam = Sun's, tejo = brightness, which, akilam = everywhere, jagad = in this World, bhasayate = illuminates. The brightness of the Sun, which illumintes everything and everywhere. Yad = that [brightness], chandramasi = of the Moon, yad = that [brightness of], agnau = fire. Thus brightness of Sun, Moon and fire are there because of His blessings or they are all in His control. 'Na tatra sooryo bhasi, na chandra tharakam, ....', neither the Sun nor the Moon nor the stars, lightning, nor fire, do not shine in His presence. They reflect a fraction of the brightness of the Lord. All luminous objects in the Universe, get their brightness from Him. This is to be understood that Sun or Moon, get their capacity in accordance with the papa/punya of the karmas performed by them. We see an aura of brightness, in some Yogis. This is due to His blessings. Thus the capacity of Sun or Moon, to be bright to dispel darkness and for other functions, is because of the blessings and control of the Lord. Thus all atman including bhaddha and mukta, all achit and all objects like the Sun, having special capacity, are all, without any exception, His belonging, and at His control and receive His blessings.
ANNOUNCEMENT: A month back it was mentioned that the conclusion of this Gita lecture serial was proposed to be done at the very place where Gita and Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam were born -KURUKSHETRA! At that time, after about Six months from now, it was proposed to explain the most important sloka in Gita, 'sarvadharman parityascha mamekam charanam vraja...'. At one go, it has been intended to visit all places connected with Sri Krishna. Pancha Dwaraka, Kurukshetra, Brindavan, Mathura, Gokulam, etc., are to be visited between 1st and 15th Ocotber, 2009. It is also proposed to study connected puranic tales in respective places. Those willing to participate in this grand tour should contact:
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