Thursday, April 23, 2009

BG 15.14

In the First pasuram [8.4.1], varkada aruvi yanai..[வார் கடா அருவி யானை...], Nammalwar praises the Lord Sri Krishna. He says the Lord killed the mountain like elephant and its mahout. Next, He finished the wrestlers. When other Kings tried to fight with the Lord, He killed all of them, and then He dragged Kamsa seated on the top of the building and killed him also! Where can we worship that Lord? Alwar says we can do it at Thirchengunnur Thiruchitraru! The quality exhibited by the Lord to Alwar, in this Kshetram is, 'mahamadhigal accham kettu amarum souryadigal chittatrile poikkum [மகாமதிகள் அச்சம்கேட்டு அமரும் சௌர்யாதிகள் சிட்டாற்றிலே பொய்க்கும்!]'. So says Swami Azhagiya Manavala Perumal Nayanar in his Acharya Hrudayam. The quality exhibited was souryam [சௌர்யம்]. He showed Alwar His valour, bravery and strength in this place. It is the capacity to fight and win anyone, without getting perturbed the least! Veeram means bravery with which one enters the army of the enemy. Souryam means without any fear, fragments everyone in the enemy camp. Parakramam means, doing all these without getting perturbed! The Lord showed souryam and other related qualities. For this the Lord showed His actions in Sri Krishnavatara! Seeing this quality, we are encouraged that by surrendering to Him, He would rescue us from our enemies also. Swami Nayanar says that while ordinary persons like us are worried about ourselves, noble persons [mahamadhigal மகாமதிகள்], like Perialwar, are afraid about the safety of the Lord. Swami Nayanar says that such noble persons also would be relieved by seeing the souryam of the Lord as Sri Krishna. Mahamadi also might indicate Vidura! The Lord Sri Krishna arrived at Vidura's house, while acting as the Messenger of Pandavas. When Vidura offered seat to the Lord, he checked the seat many times for its safety! He was even doubting his own sincerity, so that no harm should be done to the Lord! Even such people would be at peace knowing the souryam of the Lord! Alwar further says [8.4.6], that even the Lord does not know His qualities. Vedas and Vedantas also do not know His qualities! Now we will see sloka 13. The Lord has been telling about various objects and that they were all His belonging and were all under His control. This sloka is continuation of that concept:

gām āviśya ca bhūtāni dhārayāmy aham ojasā
puṣṇāmi cauṣadhīḥ sarvāḥ somo bhūtvā rasātmakaḥ 15.13

Here He cites Two examples: one is Earth and the other is Moon. Both, He says, are His body or under His control. He says that having these as His body, He does these actions. Gam = earth, ca = also [ to emphasize among others], avisya = as body [of the Lord], bhutani = all living beings, dharayamy = are supported by, aham = Me [Sri Krishna]. All living beings of this Universe, are supported by the Lord. How? This is the main point to be noted. Ojas = His unlimited capacity [to support and sustain everything ]! The Lord with His boundless capacity is supporting every living and non-living entities in this Universe! Sarva = all, ausadi = all plants like trees, creepers, etc., pusnami = nurturing or nourishing [with water and other inputs], by, rasatmaka = amrut like essence, somo bhutva = in Moon. The Lord says that having the Moon, which has amrut like rays, as His body, He nurtures and nourishes every plant. Ojas means limitless capacity to support. Normally, we find one body supporting another. Usually, such supports do not allow the supported ones to go further. If there is a wall, we are prevented from going beyond that. A foundation does not allow the building it supports from going down below. We find almost everything is supported by Earth. But what is supporting Earth? It is floating as a planet, but supported by something to keep it in defined orbit. We say it is the interplanetary gravitational pull, which supports it in a orbit. The Lord says that He is exercising that force to support Earth in its orbit. Support need not be physical, unlike the way we observe in our life. Suppose there was a fire. It also prevents us from crossing it. We can say it is exercising a force to restrain us. So even such non-physical entity like heat, restrains from crossing it or, in other words, keeping at a place. This is what the Lord means when He says that He is supporting with His ojas, limitless capacity. Though we see Earth supporting all, the Lord supports all, and the Earth also! It is believed that Moon rays nourish plants. The Lord says that having Moon as His body, He nourishes all plants! Thus having Earth as His body, He supports all living beings; and, having Moon as His body, He nourishes all plants. The Lord tells that such is His boundless capacity. We now take leave of this Kshetram.


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