Thursday, May 21, 2009

BG 16.12

Nammalwar says 'veri maradha poomel iruppal vinai theerkkume! [வேரிமாறாத பூ மேல் இருப்பாள், வினை தீர்க்குமே!]'. If it rains in Tiruvenkatam [Tirumala], it means Lord is showering His blessings and so Thousands of pasurams flow out of Nammalwar's mouth! It is not merely His blessings, but Sri Srinivasa, that is in association with Sri Thayar, the Lord blesses! We are in the temple of Sri Maha Lakshmi in Tirucchanur. Nammalwar says that Sri Thayar, Who is seated on flower, removes all our ills.

Sri Thayar graces like the newly to-be-wed Girl and has Her right hand in abhaya mudra, while left arm is pointing to Her Divine feet! Today's [22nd May 2009] lecture is from the mandapam, where Kalyana utsavam is always performed. It is situated outside Sri Krishna - Sri Balarama sannidhi. There are Two thrones here. The smaller one, is for a smaller idol of Sri Srinivasa. While in the larger throne Sri Padmavati Thayar is seated. Also the oonjal [ஊஞ்சல்] utsavam or dolai is also performed daily, here only. On every Friday and on every Uthrada star [on which, in the month of Kartigai, She appeared here], She is taken on procession. Also, every Friday She graces Tirumanjanam or holy bath. She graces in a garden nearby and blesses all devotees. during Navaratri, grand festival is arranged for Nine days. Teppotsavam or float festival, is celebrated for Five days. Sri Thayar graces on Three days, while on one day Sri Krishna graces and on another day Sri Sundararaja Perumal, from nearby temple graces. 'Mata: samasta jagatam madhu kaitapare: vaksho viharini manohara divya murte [மாதஸ்ஸமஸ்த ஜகதாம் மதுகைட பாரே, வக்ஷோ விஹாரிணி திவ்ய மூர்த்தே!] - 'You are the Mother of entire Universe and seated auspiciously with mind captivating form on the chest of the Lord, Who killed Madhu and Kaitapa!'. 'Sri swamini sritajana sriyadana seele [ஸ்ரீ ஸ்வாமினி ச்ரிதஜன ச்ரியதான சீலே!]' - ' You are the [Lady] Leader and blesses all followers; You are the merciful part of the Lord!' These are daily chanted during suprabhatam. In Vasantotsavam, Sri Thayar graces processions. Like this many festivals are celebrated through out the year. By witnessing these we can dissolve all our sins. Sri Krishna tells Arjuna that such sinned persons have Asura qualities and we should avoid those pitfalls, in Chapter 16. Now we will see sloka 12:

āśāpāśaśatair baddhāḥ kāmakrodhaparāyaṇāḥ
īhante kāmabhogārtham anyāyenārthasaṃcayān 16.12

Anyayena = illegally or unlawfully, samcayan = acquire, artha = wealth, ihante = [these persons] are interested. These persons desire to amass wealth by hook or crook! In sloka 11, the Lord told that these people think of enjoying worldly desires, which are not feasible. Yet, they go on thinking about them, endlessly. In this sloka, the Lord tells that these persons amass wealth illegally. Satair = with hundreds of, asa = desires, pasa = attachment, baddha = well bonded [in samsaram], parayana = well involved in, kama = lust, krodha = anger. As earlier told by the Lord, our enemies are kama [lust] and krodha [anger]. If we could vanquish these qualites, then we are free from any enemies. Here, these asura quality persons are having lust and anger and are interested in amassing ill gotten wealth. All for, kama bhogartham = [just] enjoying worldly pleasures. They are keen to amass wealth in the unlawful ways. Swami Koorattalwan says that like wild horses pull the cart in their own ways, sense organs pull persons in various directions. Knowing well that such desires can not be fulfilled, sense organs violently run in those directions. These persons are unable to control, because they are deeply involved in Kama and Krodha. We find many persons have the habit of stealing small things in Exhibitions and Malls. It is a very mean act. Stealing books or articles is bad. It is said that obtaining freely books or medicines or teachings from Acharya, is not good. Theses are ill gotten. People get a sadistic pleasure to cheat others. But, in the process, they cheat themselves. These persons are bonded in samsaram by hundreds of desires and attachments. They take lot of efforts, only to enjoy worldly pleasures. They think such pleasures are the ultimate and nothing superior to them. Tirumangai Alwar has composed 40 pasurams on Sri Srinivasa of Tirumala. In those, he lists various sins he had committed and says that he did so because of lust and anger. Small bad acts lead to larger crimes. Alwar says that he ridiculed those who came to him for help; he killed aimlessly, etc. But, realizing his mistakes he surrendered at His feet and sought asylum. If we surrender, our sins will be dissolved, which will divert our interest from Kama. This will enable passion and attachments to be cut off. Then, asura quality would disappear. This will make sattva and divine qualities to grow. Ultimately, we reach Moksham.

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