Sunday, May 24, 2009

BG 16.13

The Pushkarini in Thirucchanur, is very beautiful and named after Sri Padmavati Thayar, as Padma Sarovaram. Sri Thayar was inside a thousand petalled lotus flower; but its petals were closed and so She could not emerge from that. So, the Lord established Surya nearby. With the radiation of Surya, the flower opened its petals, and Sri Thayar appeared. That is how She got the name Sri Padmavati! Today's [25th May 2009] lecture is from the pushkarini. In the center is a mandapam. On top of it is the image of Parkkadal madanam [Milk ocean churning], depicted in sculptures. Alwar says that after churning, the Lord obtained for Him, Amrut! Was not the amrut distributed to Devas? Yes, it is interpreted that the life prolonging ordinary amrut was given to Devas; while the Superior Amrut, Sri Maha Lakshmi, was taken by the Lord! It is believed that the episode happened here and is celebrated as Panchami Utsavam in Kartigai - shukla Panchami - uttrada day! Tiruchanur

In the brahmotsavam, Sri Thayar graces processions on various vahanams like Sesha, Karpaka Vruksha, Swan [Hamsa], Lion, Garuda, Elephant, Ther [தேர் chariot], Horse, etc. On the last day, Panchami, from Tirumala, the Lord sends Panchami Theertha padi [flowers, Tulasi, parivattam, prasada, etc.] through Archakas, and in procession lead by Jeer and other religious persons. Sri Thayar arrives in procession to the mandapam on the banks of the pushkarini and receives all the gifts. Then, She graces tirumanjanam or holy bath. Along with Her, is Sudarsana brought from Vishvaksena sannidhi in Sri Thayar's temple. During theerthavari, it is Sudarsana, who graces the holy dip in the pushkarini. With that Panchami Theertha Utsavam concludes. Now, we will see sloka 13:

idam adya mayā labdham imaṃ prāpsye manoratham
idam astīdam api me bhaviṣyati punar dhanam 16.13

Here, Sri Krishna tells Arjuna that the Asura quality persons think that whatever they desired and got, were due to their efforts alone. Also they think that they were responsible for driving away undesirables from them. In this world, we desire many. How did we get those desired and how did we not get those we despised? Or, why we do not get what we desired and get what we hated? Many times we experience that undesirables are obtained and desired are never obtained. To get a desired one, our past punya and the Lord's blessings are needed. This we believe and can be logically proved also. Similarly, if undesirables reach us, then our past papa is the reason. Above all these, there is another Super Power. If, only papa and punya were deciding all our life, then we could never get out of their influence. Then, is there no way to get out of samsaram? Yes, if we want to lessen the intensity of papa or increase punya, then the Lord's blessings are needed. We can prove these logically. But persons woth Asura quality, do not accept this. They say that only by their efforts they got all desired things. They never accept that their past punya and the Lord's blessings were responsible for what the desired things they got. Because, if they accepted punya as responsible, then they had to agree to past and future births! According to them, only what is perceived should be accepted and not the invisible papa or punya. Idam = all these [their consorts, children, properties,etc.], adya = at present, maya = by me [Asura quality person], labdham = have been acquired. Asura quality persons feel that by their own efforts they obtained all their children, properties, etc. Imam = [in addition] those, manoratham = planned [to acquire more properties, etc.], prapsye = will be attained [by their own efforts]. They think that all acquired and to be acquired were by their own efforts only. Idam dhanam asti = these wealth are, idam api = and those [wealth, planned], bhavisyati = which are going to be possessed, puna = again [by their own efforts only]. They are certain that the money they had and the money thet were to acquire, were also, again, due to their efforts only. Thus they do not think that past punya/papa or Lord's blessings are factors in their possessions! Asura quality Ravana, Kumbhakarna, Hiranyakasipu, Hiranyaksha, etc., all proclaimed that all they acquired were by their efforts and they claimed that there was no God above them! So, they thought that no wrong deeds could harm them, as they thought that they would never die! They thought that they were born to enjoy and there was no Force above them! Sri Krishna advises on persons with Asura qualities. Deva type persons do punya and seek His blessings and follow Shastras. Arjuna is advised to choose the right one. Can we prove logically that past Karma and Lord;s blessings shape our life? With Her blessings we would find answers, Now we take leave of this temple and go to another temple within Tirupati.

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