Sunday, November 25, 2007


Today's [26th November, 2007] lecture is from the Sri Andal sannidhi in Sri Koodalazhagar temple. Perialwar is connected with the Lord in two ways. One, he established the Lord as the Supreme God in this city. Other, he got his daughter Sri Andal married to the Lord. Sri Ranganatha thus became the Son-in-law and Perialwar, the father-in-law. We will see the Sixth sloka now. Sri Krishna in the last two slokas ridiculed the person who sees difference in the result obtained in Gyana yoga and Karma yoga and commended the persons who appreciated the unanimity of both in the result obtained. Now Arjuna raises a doubt. Since both are equal, why should Sri Krishna recommend Karma yoga? The Lord replies this saying that Karma yoga fetches atman darshan easier.

sannyasas tu maha-baho
duhkham aptum ayogatah
yoga-yukto munir brahma
na cirenadhigacchati

"Gyana yoga without Karma yoga cannot make one happy. But a person engaged in devotional service can achieve the Supreme without delay."

Sanyasas tu = whereas Gyana yoga, aptum = attaining is, dukham = misery or sorrow, ayogatah = without Karma yoga. It means, that to get atman sakshatkaram, Gyana yoga needs Karma yoga. Otherwise it is full of sorrow or it is impossible. But, yoga = Karma yoga, yukto = one, who practices, muni = like a sage or who has controlled the mind. A Karma yogi always thinks of atman's qualities and so is able to control. Such a person, na cirena = within a short time, adhigacchati = attains, brahma = atman darshan or atman sakshatkaram. So Karma yogi gets the result easily and quickly, while Gyana yogi has to struggle hard and attains after pretty long time. Karma yoga is inevitable for Gyana yogi, but Karma yogi does not need Gyana yoga. Because while practicing Karma yoga, his mind is fully engaged in atman qualities, and this becomes a substitute for Gyana yoga.


Srinidhi said...

Dear Sir,
I am aware you are an ardent follower of Sri Mukkur Swamy. Instead of wasting your time transcribing works of mortals like Velukkudi, wouldnt it fit your past, to work on the immense works of Sri Mukkur Swamy. Time for introspection, corrective action and payback!!


TG Saranathan said...

While thanking you for your comments, I will plead to read my reply:
1. Yes, I am an ardent follower of Sri Mukkur Swamy. Like many more. One thing I have learnt from him is that never hate anyone. Whether I practice that or not is left to others to judge. But he respected everyone and I know positively his regard for Sri Velukkudi Swami. We are all mortals, but Sri Velukkudi Swamy, like Sri Mukkur Swamy is blessed by God to propagate the Lord's name.He is doing a kainkaryam that pleases the Lord. My job, I have taken on myself voluntarily, is like the legendery squirrel in Sri Rama sethu bandanam. My work may be full of defects, but surely, I do not consider it as a waste of time. Whether it benefits others or not, I am benefited, as by translating, with my very limited brain and absorbing power,I try to understand. This is my first reading of the Gita sloka by sloka and I am fortunate, God has blessed me to read at least once, in my lifetime.
2 Regarding, working on Sri Mukkur Swamy's past works, already the Trust formed with Sri Swamy's son as the Chairman, is doing some progress and one great soul Chi.VRSrinivasaraghavan and his wife sowPreethi are translating some works and I have tried to offer any help within my limits.
3.I was dragged into Sri Swamy's association by Sri Perumal and Sri Thayar and I believe whatever I do is all His designs.
Please excuse me if I have offended you or anyone.
Dasan, saranathan.