Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Chapter 6 is full of explanation of yoga and so we were wondering where to start this Chapter. In Thirukkurungudi hills large number of great persons and Siddhi Purushas were and are living and so we thought this is the right place to start Chapter 6. So today [26th December 2007] after completing Chapter 5, we are starting Chapter 6 from the same sannidhi of Sri Malaimel Nambi. Swami Alavandar in his Gitartha Sangraham, has condensed the Chapter 6 in a sloka:
yogaabhyaasavidhiryogii caturdhaa yogasaadhanam .
yogasiddhiH svayogasya paaramyaM ShaShTa ucyate .. (10)
Chapter 6 conveys five things to us. In Chapter 5, yogam was indicated. It was told that by dedicating the yoga to the Lord, we can never feel tired by performing Karma yoga and peace would prevail. Now, how this Karma yoga has to be performed is explained. With unbiased mind and with an objective to achieve, we can try to understand and practice the Yoga as detailed in Chapter 6. Let us first see the five things this Chapter is to convey:
  • vidhi - procedure, to perform Yoga.
  • yogi caturdha - four types of yogi
  • yoga sadhanam - the tools required to perform yoga viz. chintanam- thought and vairagyam - detachment
  • yoga siddhi - attaining the objective by practicing yoga, even if interrupted in between.
  • svayogasya paramyam - the yoga on Sri Krishna, that is Bhakti yoga, and paramyam- its eminence.
With Chapter 6, both Karma yoga and Gyana yoga are concluded and from Chapter 7, Bhakti yoga is sermoned.

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