Sunday, July 6, 2008

BG 9.21

Thanks to the unsceduled power cuts, there was no power today [4th July 2008] for one hour from 6 AM to 7 AM and so I was not fortunate to listen to the lecture. We will have to be content with what is available in the web on sloka 20:

trai-vidya mam soma-pah puta-papa
yajnair istva svar-gatim prarthayante
te punyam asadya surendra-lokam
asnanti divyan divi deva-bhogan

"Those who study the Vedas and drink the soma juice, seeking the heavenly planets, worship Me indirectly. Purified of sinful reactions, they take birth on the pious, heavenly planet of Indra, where they enjoy godly delights."

[I happened to listen to repeat of this lecture on 9th June 2009. A synopsis of the lecture is given below]

Slokas 13, 14 and 15 spoke of the glory of His devotees. Others are fools and want to abuse the Lord. The lecture was from Tiru Devanar thogai [திரு தேவனார் தொகை], where the Lord is Sri Daiva Nayaka [ஸ்ரீ தெய்வ நாயகன்] or Lord of gods!

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We pray Indra, Chandra and the like for benefits. They can not grant more than what they can. Also they have a tenure, after which, they are not there to grant any benefit. We pray them by performing Yagnas like Jyotish yagna, etc. These Yagna take time to give results; but by that time, the god, to whom we addressed the Yagna, might have gone away as his tenure might have ended. Name of this Kshetram, Tiru Devanar thogai, indicates that gods assemble in groups to worship the Lord here!

In this sloka 20, the Lord says that in the Three Vedas, there are Karma Kanda [part] and Brahma Kanda. Karma Kanda tells about performing Yagnas and achieving happiness in this world and in heaven or Indralok! What people forget is that these benefits are not granted by the gods [Devas] themselves, but by Him as their antaratma or inner soul. By themselves they can not grant anything. Also, those like going to Indralok, etc., might be better than the life in this world. One could enjoy long life, with no disease or ailments. Only happiness would be there. But, that is for a period till one's punya is exhausted. Also, though those places would certainly be better than on this Earth, compared to Vaikuntam, they are very inferior and low. So instead of spending time in performing Yagna as in Karma kanda, we should study Vedanta or the Brahma kanda and find ways to reach Him. A General Manager can not appoint another GM in the firm. Someone higher is needed to appoint in that position. Similarly, Indra can not make us another Indra. Therefore, why at all pray these gods for smaller positions. When everyone operates at His command, why not approach Him and get whatever needed?

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