tat kshetram yac ca yadrk ca
yad-vikari yatas ca yat
sa ca yo yat-prabhavas ca
tat samasena me shrinu

"Now please hear My brief description of this field of activity and how it is constituted, what its changes are, whence it is produced, who that knower of the field of activities is, and what his influences are."

Me = from Me [Sri Krishna], shrinu = hear, tat = that, samasrenu = briefly! When the Lord says that He was going to tell summarising, it would occupy many slokas; not to mention what His elaborate lecture would be! First half of this sloka is about body; and the later part is about atman. Sri Krishna tells first, the things we ought to know about our body. Tat kshetram = that Kshetram, told in the earlier sloka, [Five things we have to know about the body],

  1. Yac = what is it made of?
  2. Yadrk = habitat or residence of what?
  3. Yad-vikarai = evolution of what? or, what are its manifestations?
  4. Yatas = for what result or benefit [is the body formed]?
  5. Yat = What is its nature?
The Lord is going to explain all these questions in the forthcoming slokas. Now He talks about Jeevatman. Sa = he [atman]. Here only Two things are to be known:
  1. Yo = Who or what is atman's nature?
  2. Yat prabhava = what are the eminent qualities [of atman]?
These questions define the aspects we are to know. He says He is going to tell in a concise way, because in Chapter 2, from a different angle, the Lord had explained. Lest Arjuna should forget and also see the aspects from another angle, the Lord says that He was going to tell briefly. The Lord is going to tell about the difference between body and soul, and that He was the Antaratma of both body and soul.