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BG 13.26

The Lord Sri Krishna, as the Cowherd, using Arjuna as the calf, milked Upanishads as cow, has given us the milk, Bhagavad Gita. We have been enjoying this Gitamrutam for the past about Two years. We are at present at the sannidhi of Sri Parthasarathy, Who preached Gita. Sri Moolavar is Sri Venkatakrishna and Sri Utsavar is Sri Parthasarathy. We now worship Sri Moolavar.

A very grand majestic appearance! His Divine feet are firmly placed on the Sesha peetam. Like He stood firmly in Kurukshetra war and brought victory to Arjuna, He should firmly stand in our minds and bring us victory in our struggle in samsaram! The Lord stands with Two arms only, as prayed by King Sumati to Lord Sri Venkatesa of Tirumala to appear as Sri Parthasarathy with just Two hands! He is holding conch in the right hand and left arm is in dana mudra, offering His divine feet to the devotees. The conch thundered with sound and created fear among the enemies. In the beginning of Gita we saw that the Lord blew His conch Panchajanya [பாஞ்சஜந்யம்], and hearing the sound, the sons of Dhridarashtra were frightened. In His waist He is wearing 'oddiyanam [ஒட்டியாணம் - golden belt]'. On the left of this belt is the long sword. Also is fixed on the belt is a dagger. We can worship Sri Mahalakshmi on His right chest. He is wearing the long salagrama garland. On His face we can simultaneously see majesty, anger, compassion, wonder and the kindeness to preach Gita to Arjuna. Like Sri Venkatesa has refined camphor [pacchai karpooram பச்சை கற்ப்பூரம்] on His chin, the Lord here also has refined camphor. The Lord displays moustache, not seen on the Lord in other places! Perhaps, to threaten the enemies in the war, He appeared like this! He displays bright oordvapundram [thiruman திருமண்], guaranteeing uplift of devotees. The eyes shower mercy. His lips form a smile and at the same time are about to open and deliver Divine words! Yes, after all these are the lips which spoke 700 slokas in 18 Chapters! He is wearing a tall Crown, with ear shields. Are they to decorate the ears or shoulders or the curly hair? On His right is Sri Rukmini Thayar, with right hand down and left arm holding a lotus. She graces as the Match to the Lord. Further to His right is Sri Balarama, elder brother of the Lord. To His left is Satyaki [ஸாத்யகி], the charioteer of the Lord. Next is Sri Pradyumna, Son of the Lord. Next to Pradyumna is Sri Aniruddha, the Grand son of the Lord. It is a full family appearance and so we can also worship with family and get His blessings! Sri Utsavar Sri Parthasarathy graces in many forms in the festivals. On the First day of Pagalpatthu, the Lord appears as Sri Venkata Krishna. As told earlier, sage Atreya brought an idol given to him by his master Veda Vyasa. Both he and King Sumati, worshiped that idol as Sri Venkata Krishna. On second day, the Lord appears as Sri Venugopala, with flute in His hands. On the Third day, the Lord appears as dancer on the serpent Kalinga! He danced on the hoods of this poisonous snake and drove Kalinga out of river Yamuna. On Fourth day, the Lord appears as Sri Chakravarti Thirumagan [Sri Rama ஸ்ரீ சக்கரவர்த்தி திருமகன்]. Sri Rama demonstrated all the preachings of Gita. On the Fifth day, the Lord appears as the mischievous Boy of Gokulam, stealing butter and curd! On Sixth day He appears as Sri Paramapada Natha, as in Vaikuntam. Here the Lord is seated with one leg folded and other stretched and with Four arms. On Seventh day, the Lord appears as Sri Krishna killing Bakasura, the demon in the form of a wild crane! This demonstrates that the Lord will rescue us from the evils of ego, anger, passion, etc. On the Eighth day, the Lord appears as Sri Pattabi Rama, the Crowned King of Ayodya! On His left Sri Thayar graces as Sri Sita. On the 9th day, the Lord appears as Sri Murali Krishna. Earlier He was playing the flute standing and now He plays seated, on the low branch of a tree! On the Tenth day, the Lord appears as a Beautiful Woman in Nacchiyar Thirukkolam! With white silk saree, the Lord graces seated! In this guise, the eyes are full of mercy; while as Sri Parthasarathy, His eyes blow out anger seeing the enemies of His devotees. In the Irappatthu part of the festival, on the second day, the Lord again appears as Sri Venugopala! Difference being, He is accompanied by cows! On sixth day, He appears as Sri Venkatesa of Tirumala! On Seventh day, the Lord wears mutthangi, a robe of pearls.

muththangi sevai-2

On this day Nammalwar appears in the guise of a woman - nacchiyar thirukkolam for Nammalwar. On Eighth day, the Lord appears as Sri Rajamannar, like He is in Mannargudi!

4-RajamannAr ThirukkOlam-2.jpg

He is holding a whip in one hand and appears as Sri Rajagopala! On the Ninth day, the Lord appears as Sri Govardhana Giridhari! He lifted Govardana hill and protected people for Seven days from the fury of Indra! On the Tenth day, Nammalwar reaches the Divine feet of the Lord - Azhvar Moksham [ஆழ்வார் மோக்ஷம்]. In Thiruvaimozhi mandapam, Alwar is placed at the feet of the Lord and is covered by Thulasi leaves. Afterwards, the Lord releases the Alwar for our benefit. On the final day - Eleventh day- it is Iyarpa [இயற்ப்பா] day and the Lord appears in a long coat! Thus the Lord attracts devotees!

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To His left is Satyaki [ஸாத்யகி], the charioteer of the Lord.
i have read in book tharukan is lords charioteer .who is sathyaki ?
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please explain me