Wednesday, February 25, 2009

BG 13.36

Today's [25th February 2009] lecture is from the sannidhi of Anjaneya Swamy, in Chinna malai. Chakkara theertham [சக்கர தீர்த்தம்] there, is very famous. Anjaneya graces with Four arms, holding discus and conch and seated in Yoga style.
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The water of Chakkara theertham is capable of eliminating our papa. We saw that the seven sages prayed King Indradyumna to protect them from demons. Alone, Indradyumna could not destroy the demons. Sri Yoga Narasimha, gave His discus and conch to Hanuman, who was already meditating here. Hanuman, then assisted Indradyumna and killed all the demons. There was blood stains on the discus and the stains were washed in this pond, which got the name Chakkara theertham. When Hanuman returned the discus and conch, the Lord said that He was not in the habit of withdrawing what had been granted and so Hanuman was permanently blessed with discus and conch. Anjaneya is seated facing East and Sri Narasimha is facing West! Thus the Lord and His famous disciple, the Leader and the servant are looking at each other. We can see Sri Narasimha temple from Hanuman sannidhi without any obstruction. Hanuman was meditating from here, to obtain the status of lord Brahma. But present lord Brahma, afraid that his position would be disturbed, came here and after bath in Brahma Theertham, requested the Lord not to cause any disturbance to him and to grant Hanuman, better status of being present here and blessing the devotees of the Lord. Are we to first worship Hanuman before worshiping Lord Sri Narasimha or the other way? We should First worship the Lord and with His recommendation, when we go to Hanuman, he fulfills our desires! It appears eyes of Hanuman and the feet of the Lord are in the same level! We see monkeys bathing in the pond and perhaps they will later worship Hanuman. Now we shall see the final summary of Chapter 13. In Gitartha sangraham, Swami Alavandar mentioned Five important points to be noted in Chapter 13: Deha swaroopam [true nature of body and atman], atma apti hetu [means to attain atman - most important, explained as 20 qualities], atma visodanam [detailed explanations on the nature of atman in Five slokas], bandha hetu [Reason, why atman is bonded in a body. Why suffer in this body? By worshiping Hanuman, all difficulties faced are wiped out. A Bhakta or devotee should be devoid of fear. We have to be afraid that we do not have adequate devotion; for any other thing we should not have fear. We have the support of the Lord and Hanuman; so why be afraid of anything? As long as we have devotion, what else is needed? asks Alwar. We are bonded in this Universe because of the three qualities -satva, rajas and tamas- surrounding us and the desire in the consequent pleasures and pains.] and vivekam [Analytical knowledge that atman and body are separate entities. This topic has been discussed repeatedly for more than two years in this program. The one point we have to remember is that body and soul are different. Body is perishable, atman is everlasting. body is changing, soul is constant; body has organs, soul is alone without organs; body requires support and soul supports; our aim should be only to attain atman.].

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