kshetra-kshetrajnayor evam
antaram jnana-caksusa
bhuta-prakriti-moksham ca
ye vidur yanti te param

"Those who see with eyes of knowledge the difference between the body and the knower of the body, and can also understand the process of liberation from bondage in material nature, attain to the supreme goal."

Ye = they, vidu = understand [and practice], param = supreme [Moksham or atman prapti], yanti = attain. The Lord tells Arjuna that the viveka gyana will give the power of vision. Jnana-caksusa = with the eyes of Gyana, difference between body and soul is well understood; and, by pracicing this knowledge attain atma prapti or attaining atman is reached, by them. These are the people who possess the 20 qualities the Lord mentioned earlier. These qualities are the means to reach Moksham. Such persons, when, with eyes of Gyana, clearly ditinguish atman and body, they reach supreme level. For this Chapter 13 has to be thoroughly understood. This Gyana acts as the lamp, with which body and soul are seen as separate entities. Without a lamp, in darkness we will not see obstacles like pillars in a hall and get hurt. Thirumangai Alwar says the Lord is the Lamp, and with that Gyana we will be able to see the difference between soul and body. Antaram = [this] difference between, ksetram = body, the cultivable land, and, kshetrajna = soul, the cultivator. Difference between soul and body, or the everlasting and perishable, or cultivator and the land, or supporter and the supported, is to be understood properly, by Gyana. Bhuta = the Five great elements [panchabhuta], prakruti = Universe. That is prakruti with inherent panchabhuta is transformed to body of us. Moksham ca = till moksham. That is he who understands the means for liberation from this body unto Moksham, or the Twenty qualities mentioned earlier, and practices, attains Moksham. Here we should note that this person understands the means to attain Moksham. Not merely understands but also practices them. Mere knowledge of Bhakti can not get Moksham; it should be practiced. Viveka Gyana or the analytical knowledge is the main substance. This knowledge will make one to see the inferiority of body in this Universe. One will seek Moksham. This will make one to practice those 20 qualities and finally attain Moksham. This can be blessed only by Sri Bhaktochita and the Lord is welcoming us to bless us.