Wednesday, February 25, 2009

BG 14.1

We will start Chapter 14 with relevant sloka of Gitarta Sangraha, by Swami Alavandar:
gun.abandhavidh¯a tes.¯am.kartr. tvam.tannivartanam |
gatitrayasvam¯ulatvam.caturda´sa ud¯ıryate || (18)
These are told in Chapter 14. Which? 1. Guna bandhavidha = we are bound by the Three qualities -Satvam, rajas and tamas- in this samsaram or Universe. Is it not the same told in Chapter 13? Yes, it is one of the Five points told in Chapter 13. This is being explained here. 2.Tesam kartrtvam = these gunas only impel us into action. Atman is without gunas and so is actionless as such. Body, on the other hand is associated with the three qualities and so acts. This bondage between body and soul results in action. Thus gunas induce us into action. 3.Tan nivartanam = how to get rid of these actions, so that we can avoid acquiring more papa/punya? 4.Gati trayasva = the three acquisitions - wealth, kaivalyam and Bhagavadanubhavam, mulatvam = cause. That is whatever be our desire, whether to acquire wealth or be in atmanubhavam for ever, that is kaivalyam, or Vaikuntam, where one is serving the Lord for ever, we have to pray and worship the Lord only. Indradyumna did that only. These Four are described in this Chapter.

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