lobhah pravrttir arambhah
karmanam asamah sprha
rajasy etani jayante
vivrddhe bharatarsabha

O chief of the Bharatas, when there is an increase in the mode of passion the symptoms of great attachment, fruitive activity, intense endeavor, and uncontrollable desire and hankering develop.

Bharatarsabha = Arjuna, hero among Bharata dynasty [indirectly hinting that Pandavas are going to rule the Kingdom]! The Lord lists the symptoms in a person, when rajo quality dominates. Five indications are given:

  1. Lobha = unwlling to share or donate, things dear to us.
  2. Pravriti = engaged in useless actions, like biting nails, tapping on the lap, plucking grass, etc. These actions do not produce any results but shows rajo quality.
  3. Karmanam arambhah = Beginning actions, for inferior objectives like reaching heaven or Chandra lok, etc. Should they not be done? No, we should never take any efforts for obtaining lower and inferior results. We should do anything which will take us to Moksham as taught by Alwars and Acharyas.
  4. Asamah = sama means control of organs, while here asama means uncontrolled organs. Seeing what should not be or tasting what should not be or thinking what should not be, are all indicative of rajo quality.
  5. Sprha = desires in objects and enjoying them.
These are all advices for refining our society! Donation means we should give away useful one and not what we consider as waste! In the later part of the sloka the Lord tells that these qualities are perceived when rajo quality is predominant and so, should be avoided. We will now take leave of this place.