Thursday, March 5, 2009

BG 14.8

Today's [6th March 2009] lecture is from the descendent of Swami Doddayacharya, Swami Vedantacharya's house. He and his family members are in the daily service of Sri Akkarakkani Perumal and Sri Bhaktochita. He is the Acharya of the lecturer [UVe. sri Velukkudi swami]. Swami Mudaliyandan, nephew and disciple of Swami Ramanuja, is one of the 74 Simhasanadipati [ஸிம்ஹாஸநாதிபதி ], Swami Ramanuja established. Swami Mudaliyandan descendents are all called Kandadaiyar [கந்தாடையார்]. At present there are many Acharyas in this ancestry. We will just mention their names: Swami Koil Kandadai Annan [Srirangam], Swami Koil Kandadai Suddhasatvam Sirupuliyur Annan [Srirangam], Swami Thirumani [Triplicane], Swami Appan [Sriperumbudur], Swami Kumara Varadacharya [Kanchipuram], Swami Koil Kandadai Chandamarutam Vedantacharya [Sholingapuram], Swami Koil Kandadai Chandamarutam Periyappangar [Sholingapuram] and Swami Koil Kandadai Ilayavalli Kandadai Acchan [Sholingapuram]. From these Eight Acharyas, thousands of disciples get the relationship with Swami Ramanuja. The hereditary of this family is as follows: Swami Mudaliyandan, Kandadai Andan, Kandadai Thozhappar, Eeyan Ramanujacharya, Thirukkopurathu Nayanar, Deivangal Perumal Thozhappar, Poretri Nayan, Arasar Appai, Kandadai Nayan, Thozhappar Appai aka Devaraja Guru, Periyappangar and Chandamarutam Doddayacharya. Swami Vedantacharya, Acharya of the lecturer, is the 23rd Acharya in Swami Doddayacharya lineage of Acharyas. Acharyas perform Pancha samskara [பஞ்ச சம்ஸ்காரங்கள்] for their disciples. Pancha samskara are: Thapa: [imprinting of discus and conch on the shoulders], Pundra: [painting of 'namam' on the forehead and on Twelve places over the body], Nama: [christening with a new name of disciple of Swami Ramnuja], Mantra: [preaching of sacred mantras], Yaga: [learning to perform daily aradana]. We have to always praise our Acharyas. Inside this house, as we enter, we see the portrait of Swami Doddayacharya. From the time of Swami Doddayacharya [1543-1607], they are in service of the Lord. Service means daily going up the hill, crossing 1305 steps and remaining atop the hill full day and then returning. They are not employed nor get any salary; but service to the Lord is the only aim and they do it without any distraction. We should appreciate their selfless service attitude. The idols worshiped in their house, are centuries old. Swami Vedantacharya recently celebrated his 81st birthday. Usually, in Pancha samskara, the disciples get a new name Ramanuja Dasa; but in some cases this is changed. In this hereditary of Swami Doddayacharya, the disciples get the name as Srinivasa Dasa. This is so because of Sri Srinivasa's ordain. Earlier it was mentioned that Swami Doddayacharya meditated on the banks of Swarnamukhi for twelve years. Also, in this Kshetram it is customary to sing Nammalwar's pasurams on Tirumala [ozhivil kalamellam... ஒழிவில் காலமெல்லாம்...]. Swami Doddayacharya's original name was Srinivasa Mahaguru and he was given the Sudarsana discus by Lord Sri Srinivasa. Therefore, the Lord ordained that in samasrayanam, disciples should be given the name Srinivasa dasa. Here we should note that the Srinivasa is the name of Sri Doddayacharya and not of the Lord! We will now reluctantly take leave of this Kshetram.

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p.n.sridharan said...

You are a real Karmayogi.
You have listed the lineage of Acharyas which is difficult to get from books.

I was in tears whern I saw the acharyas and his two Thirukkumarars reciting Prbhandam. See how the great tradition is very carefully preserved by the few.

What Kaimmaru we can do other than Dhandan to the Acharyas and sri Velukkudi Swami who relentlessly visits nook and corner and makes sure that we Vaishnavas get the blessings of all Divya Desattu Emberumans .