yada sattve pravrddhe tu
pralayam yati deha-bhrt
tadottama-vidam lokan
amalan pratipadyate

"When one dies in the mode of goodness, he attains to the pure higher planets of the great sages."

Pratipadyate = attains; when satva quality is dominant, if a person dies, he would attain this, says the Lord. That is the atman of that person, is going to leave the present body and take up a new body, or is going to be born. Yada = when, satve = satva quality is, pravrddhe tu = well developed and dominating, deha-bhrt = supporter of body [atman], pralaym yati = departs, or the person dies, tada = then, that atman, pratipadyate = attains, amalan = blemishless, that is without the blemish of ignorance, uttama-vidan = supreme level, lokan = place or society. That is, this persons attains the company of noble persons who all want to have atman sakshatkaram. By being born in such a society, this person will do more punya karma and get atman sakshatkaram. After all our life is shaped by surroundings only! Probability to perform punya Karma increases. Our up-bringing determines our life objectives! One may argue that if this was the condition, then one would develop satva quality for a short duration before death! But none can predict death and so it is better to have satva quality always! We do not have to worry about death also.