Tuesday, June 9, 2009

BG 16.24

Once Lord Sri Srinivasa wanted Swami Anantalwan to come to Him at a particular time. He accepted and said he would come after preparing the garland for the Lord. But he arrived late and so the Lord said that since he came late, He would exile Swami Anantalwan from Tirumala! Unperturbed, Swami Anantalwan asked what rights Lord Sri Srinivasa had to order him out of Tirumala? He said that prior to Him was Sri Varaha Swami; only, He could order Lord Sri Srinivasa or him to go out and that order had to be carried out by either of Them! Sri Srinivasa wanted to know the authority for that! Swami Anantalwan cited a pasuram of Nammalwar, in which Alwar mentions that Tirumala is Sri Srinivasa's haven. It is not His owned place! The Lord was delighted by Swami Anantalwan's quote! Today's [9th June 2009] lecture is from the sannidhi of Sri Varaha Perumal, on Swami Pushkarini. Demon Hiranyaksha, hid Sri Bhudevi in the pralayam ocean. The Lord took the form of a gigantic Boar! He dived into the water and brought out Sri Bhudevi on His tusks. After killing Hiranyaksha, He graced with Sri Bhudevi on His lap! To take rest, He ordered Garuda to bring His vimanam from Vaikuntam. Since the vimanam came from Vaikuntam, this hill is called Vaikuntadri. Since it was for the Lord to play, the hill is called Kreetadri! Since it was for Sri Varaha, it is called Krodadri! Since it was brought by Garuda, it is called Garudadri! Garuda brought the hill with Vimanam from Vaikuntam in Kruta yug! The Lord Sri Varaha found this to be an ideal place for resting! Thus this is Varaha Kshetram. Tirumazhisai Alwar said just verpu [வெற்பு] meaning mountain. But later realized that it meant Tiruvenkatam or Tirumala! Even now mere mention of malai [மலை] means Tirumala only! Alwar says that for mere mention of Tiruvenkatam, the Lord was pleased to grant Moksham! He wonders, what great action he did to get Moksham! Nammalwar, as a very infant girl, used to fold 'her' hands, at the mere mention of Tiruvenkatam! For good education, concentration, all round development and for family happiness, Sri Varaha is to be worshiped here. Both Sri Lakshmi Devi and Sri Bhudevi, argue with the Lord and ensure our requests are fulfilled! Tirumazhisai Alwar calls Sri Lakshmi as 'Noolatti [நூலாட்டி]', meaning She is the Head of all [Vedic] literature. He says by surrendering unto Sri Lakshmi Varaha here, he obtained everything! As mentioned earlier, the Lord, after having been kicked on the chest, by sage Brighu, came down and selected this place for meditation, to get back Sri Lakshmi, Who was at Kolhapur. He took permission from Sri Varaha to stay here. But as we see in our lives, the Tenant, Sri Srinivasa is so popular and has vast sannidhi, while the Owner, Sri Varaha is in a small sannidhi here!

But Sri Varaha made a condition that all offerings and poojas were to be First made to Him. This is strictly followed. We will now see the last sloka of Chapter 16 - sloka 24, wherein the Lord draws conclusion:

tasmāc chāstraṃ pramāṇaṃ te kāryākāryavyavasthitau
jñātvā śāstravidhānoktaṃ karma kartum ihārhasi 16.24

He tells Arjuna, iha = in this world, karma = Karma yoga, then Bhakti yoga, kartum = to do, arhasi = [Arjuna is] well qualified. Thus being well qualified, He advises Arjuna to do Karma yoga and then Bhakti yoga, in this Karma bhoomi or in this world, and then reach the Lord. Why is this sloka here? Should not the theme of this Chapter be reflected in this sloka? In this Chapter the theme was Entity [tatvam तत्त्वं தத்வம்], which is the Real. The tatvam in Vedas is the Lord or Sri Varaha! Bhakti marg was means to reach Him. Thus the means and the Destination, have to be understood by Vedas only. This is the theme of this Chapter. Tasmad = therefore. This word is highly potent with many interpretations. The Lord told that he who accepted Vedas, was the one without Asura quality. Only by accepting Vedas as the basic axiom, one's actions would be fruitful. Otherwise, happiness in this world or heaven or Moksham would not be attained. Therefore, without Asura qualities, accepting and following Vedas, with desire to reach Moksham, Arjuna should be. Therefore, te = to you [Arjuna], karya = actions to be done, akarya = actions should not be done, vyavastitau = to be decided, sastram = Vedas, pramanam = are axioms or basic reference. Pramanam or axiom is that which helps in getting true knowledge. Vedas impart true knowledge. Once the true knowledge is acquired, the same sastras or Vedas help in attaining that truth. He advises Arjuna, that to decide which is good or not, or which way he had to act or not, Vedas were the only reference to get the truth. Sastravidhanoktam = clarified or decided by Shastras or Vedas, tatvam or God, jnatva = understand. He should understand Tatvam or the Ultimate Entity, about the Lord, from Vedas properly. We desire to reach Tirumala. Why? Because He is the God and we should reach Him. This is knowledge. Then we take efforts to travel to Tirumala. So, knowledge or Gyana and efforts or Karma, are both required. Thus Karma Yoga and Bhakti Yoga are needed to realize and reach, Vedas clarified and confirmed Entity, that is, the Lord! Surely, Sri Varaha, praised as Gyanapiran or the Lord, Who imparts knowledge in us, would bless us.

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