Wednesday, June 10, 2009

BG 16.25

In front of the main Gopuram, we see a tall mantapam, Dodda mantapam, built by Kings like Krishna Deva Raya, Achyuta Raya, etc. An importanat activity takes place in this mantapam. In Tirumala, Periya Jeer Swami is there. His mutt was established by Swami Ramnuja. A notable feature of this mutt is that they have the seal of Hanuman. Sannidhi of Hanuman is just opposite to the temple, near which is the Mutt of Periya Jeer. The Jeer has many special privileges, among which is receiving the keys of Sri Srinivasa sannidhi and temple doors, after completion of all poojas, daily. TTD Peshkar, after closing the doors of the temple, sealing them, brings the keys to this mantapam. Similarly, Ekangis [ஏகாங்கிகள்], representing the Jeer, arrive at the mantapam, and receive the keys. Again in the morning, to open the temple for Viswaroopam and other sevas, keys will arrive from Jeer and TTD persons will receive them. In Sri Andal's Tiruppavai, in pasuram 14, ungal puzhakkadai thottatthu [உங்கள் புழக்கடை தோட்டத்து வாவியுள்], it is mentioned that brick colored cloth hermits, are going to temple to blow conch. Here, in the pasuram, sangu is interpreted as conch. But sangu also means keys and so in a way this pasuram is mentioning this transaction in Tirumala! This is how Swami Periya Tirumalai Nambi used to interpret this pasuram! On the right of this mantapam is Kasiramji Mutt. For a long time, this temple was administered by this mutt. From about 75 years back, TTD is managing the temple very efficiently. It seems Lord Sri Srinivasa and Kasiram used to play chess. This is sculpted here! The way TTD is administering this and Tirupati temple, with about 17,000 employees is worth mentioning. Entire space is maintained very clean. Hindu Dharma Prachar Parishad and Alwar Divya Prabhanda Project, are conducting many religious services. Managing Millions of devotees, arranging for comfortable darshan, booking sevas from any corner of the World, etc., are worth mentioning. What we pay as Rs.50.00, for darshan, is not even sufficient for the Two laddus we receive! All devotees, are given free prashad after darshan! Daily about 70,000 persons are given free meals! During Margazhi, Hundreds of lectures are arranged in various places to probagate Tiruppavai! Many publications about Alwars are carried out. Let us pray that these services should have healthy growth year after year. Let us now see the conclusion part of Chapter 16. Swami Alavandar in Gitarta Sangraham says that in Chapter 16, behaviour of Devas and Asuras were told. In the first Three slokas, Sri Krishna listed 26 qualities of Deva quality persons. They are intelligent and respect elders and Vedas. They do not fall a prey to flattery. They are not provoked by others' abuses. They implicitly follow Vedas. They are quite composed and do not offend others by speech or action. They are in control of senses. They lead contented life. Then the Lord described the behaviour of Asura quality persons. They do things for cheap publicity. They oppose all and never accept Vedas. They behave haughtily. He is a slave to kama [lust], krodha [anger] and lobha [greed]. This division the Lord made to impress that we should follow Shastras. Asuras are those who violate Shastras. After showing these Two categories, the Lord said that through Shastras we have to understand the Ultimate Entity, Tatva, and reach Him. Arjuna is advised to have Shastras, as a torch light to lead in darkness.
Parvati asks lord Parama Shiva to enlighten on the glory of Chapter 16. In Gurjara [modern Gujarat] region, King Katka Bahu was ruling. His elephant was Arimardhana. Suddenly, it became mad [musth or மதம் in Tamil]. None could pacify and the mahout and the King could not control. At that time one yogi was coming after bath in the river. As the elephant went near him, all were afraid that it would kill him. Instead the elephant came near him and saluted with bent knees and went away. King was surprised and prostrated to the Yogi and asked what power he had to control a mad elephant? The Yogi replied that he had no special power, except that he daily chanted Chapter 16, preached by his master! The King was surprised and immediately got lessons in Chapter 16. He then relinquished his kingdom and meditated on this Chapter in the forest and lead a successful life. Tirumala is embodiment of Vedas.

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