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BG 17.2

After organizing all rituals and daily administartion at Sri Venkatesa temple in Tirumala, Swami Ramanuja was worried as to who would follow the procedures and maintain the discipline he had introduced? Especially, the temple was in the midst of hill forests, where wild animals were freely moving about. Person to look after should be interested, dedicated to service, healthy, familiar with sampradhaya and above all service to Lord. Pondering over all these, Swami Ramanuja, first appointed Swami Satakopa Ramanuja Jeer in charge of the temple affairs. Earlier, he had planned to administer using Ekangis. But they alone could not be enough, and so a Jeer was to be appointed. By his order, the First Jeer title was conferred. This Mutt might have been established either in circa 1052 0r 1053. This Jeer has got title appropriate to the glorious service he is doing. He is the Prime authority for maintenance of the property of Sri Srinivasa temple in Tirumala and Sri Govindaraja temple in Tiruppati, of all ornaments, and is the temple Dharmakarta. He is officially known as Srimad Paramahamsetyadi Srimad Vedamarga Pratishtapanacharya Ubhaya Vedantacharya Sri Ramanuja Siddhanta nirdharana Periya Koil Kelvi Appan Sriranga Ramanuja Jeer [shortly, Periya Jeer] and Siriya Koil Kelvi Appan Ramanuja Jeer [shortly, Chinna Jeer]. To confer authority, seal from Hanuman sannidhi is with the Jeer and this is used to show the authority. This Jeer is also in charge of temple administration in Tiruninravur, near Chennai. Many years after Swami Ramanuja, Vishadavak Sikamani Swami Manavala Mamuni, considered as reincarnation of Adisesha and Acharya of Sri Ranganatha, came here and stayed for about Three years. Considering the heavy burden of maintenance of the temple, he appointed one more Jeer, refered to as Chinna [Junior] Jeer. We also find Ekangi Swamis. Ekangi means single garment, which are worn by bachelors. As representatives of Jeer, they look after all duties.

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Some years back Sadhu Ramanuja Jeer was here. The present Jeer was great devotee of him; as also this lecturer's [Velukkudi Swami's] father also was his student. Nammalwar says by serving the Lord here, like carrying flowers or water, one is assured of Moksham. Jeer mutt has the exclusive privilege of presenting flowers to the Lord, by carrying the basket on his head. Similarly, Archakas will do poojas and tirumanjanam, only whan the Jeer hands over every item to the Archaka. They consider these, not as privileges or duties, but an opportunity to serve the Lord. When this lecture was recorded it was Akshaya Tridiyai. It was also the birth day of Swami Periya Jeer! In the mutt one can worship all the various idols like Sri Rama with Sri Sita and Lakshmana [worshiped by Swami Ramanuja], Sri Bhoga Venkatesa with salagrama garland, Alwars, Acharyas and salagrama murthys. We can also see the pictorial representation of the lineage of Heads of this mutt, starting from the First Jeer.
Excerpts from the lecture by Periya Jeer Swami:
Among the 108 Divya desams, Koil [Srirangam], Tirumala and Perumal Koil [Kanchi] have special place. Tirunarayanapuram is also added. In this Tirumala is center! It is also called Pushpa Mantapam. From long ago, from the time of Tirumalai Nambi, disciple of Swami Alavandar, temple service is being carried out. While doing water service to the Lord, Swami Tirumalai Nambi used to chant pasurams; and, this practice is followed even today. Swami Ramanuja once wanted to know whether any one volunteered to go to Tirumala and remain there serving the Lord with flowers. Swami Anantalwan offered to go and so Swami Ramanuja quipped that he was 'aan pillai [ஆண் பிள்ளை]' meaning brave male to go to Tirumala! That is why he is referred to as Swami Ananta Aan pillai [சுவாமி அனந்தாண் பிள்ளை]! Swami Anantalwan came and constructed a lake and garden. Once, when Swami Ramanuja visited, Swami Anantalwan mentioned that the heat of separation from his Acharya was burning him, Swami Ramanuja dipped his feet in a pond and asked him to meditate there. It is called Sri Pada pushkarini. Thus this service is going on; this was further strengthened by Swami Manavala Mamunigal, who also established suprabhatam seva, along with Swami Annan. This mutt is faithfully carrying out the orders of Swami Ramanuja. Swami Ramanuja learnt Srimad Ramayana at the foot of the hiils; he established Sri Govindaraja temple and Alwar Theertham. Once, when Swami Ramanuja climbed the hills, he was tired and took rest at what is known as knee breakers [முழங்கால்முறிச்சு]. The Lord came as a Boy and offered them prasad and fruit. When they enquired as to who the Boy was, He replied that He was Swami Anantalwan's disciple. He was asked to cahnt His Acharya's Taniyan, when He chanted Two Taniyans, of which one was composed by the Lord Himself! That is the glory of Swami Anantalwan!


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