dyav a-prithivyor idam antaram hi
vyaptam tvayaikena disas ca sarvah
drishtvadbhutam rupam ugram tavedam
loka-trayam pravyathitam mahatman

"Although You are one, You spread throughout the sky and the planets and all space between. O great one, seeing this wondrous and terrible form, all the planetary systems are perturbed."

Arjuna is seeing the Viswaroopam of the Lord. It is spread the entire space without exception. Where all the Image is spread is explained in this sloka. A Dyav = from sky, prithivi = to earth, antaram = between, tvaya ekena = by You [Sri Krishna] alone, vyaptam hi = pervaded only, disas = directions, sarva = all over. The Image of the Lord is spread all over from this earth to sky, covering all the worlds in between, and in all directions, by the Lord alone. Idam = this, adbhutam = wonderful, rupam = Image [of the Lord], ugram = frightening, drishtva = seeing, tava = Your [Sri Krishna's], loka-trayam = all the Three worlds, pravyathitam = very much trembling, mahatman = Oh! Mahatma [Sri Krishna]. Atman means mind and mahatman means determined mind. Arjuna exclaims that by seeing the determined Lord, all the Three Worlds - people and living beings in them - were very much trembling. Arjuna says the entire space between the Upper Worlds and this Earth are pervaded by the Lord, alone. In our body, the soul pervades the entire body. Soul is very minute and is is at one place only; but its intellect is spread all over the body. Whether injury is on toes or on head, the soul feels through its gyana. We have to remember that the Lord also is not like the soul, pervading all over through His Gyana. The Lord Himself is Omni Present. If He Himself is present everywhere, why are we not able to see Him? Because. He has not gifted that special eyes for us to see Him. Arjuna was gifted and he saw the Lord everywhere and people trembling. Who are those Three types of people? They are anukula [अनुकूल favourable], pratikula [प्रतिकूल unfavourable] and udhasina [उधासीन careless] peoples. Devas are anukula people and Asuras are pratikula people. But we need not tremble to worship the Lord Utsavar of this Kshetram.


The Lord graces with right arm showing abhaya and left arm holding the mace. Whatever qualities Arjuna described like Sun's brilliance, etc., can be seen in the Lord here. The place where lord Brahma performed the yagna, is also part of the Devastanam. This Lord appeared one week before, that is in Chitra Punarvasu. We will now take leave of this temple.