na tu mam sakyase drastum
anenaiva sva-caksusa
divyam dadami te caksuh
pasya me yogam aishvaram

"But you cannot see Me with your present eyes. Therefore I give you divine eyes. Behold My mystic opulence!"

The Lord says that He was to offer Arjuna with Divine eyes. Te = to you [Arjuna], divyam = Divine, caksu = eyes or eyesight, dadami = [I, Sri Krishna, am going to] give. Pasya = look [ with such Divine gift], me = My [Sri Krishna's], yogam aishvaram = auspicious qualities, divinely beautiful image, everything without exception contained in the Body, Magnificent Power and Infinite Capacity. Arjuna got the doubt: couldn't he see with the eyes he had? The eyes we have, have limited powers. Was he not seeing Sri Krishna? No, they were not enough to see Viswaroopam. This is explained in the First Two lines of the sloka. Mam = I [Sri Krishna], aneana = with these, sva-caksusa = your [Arjuna's] [ordinary] eyes, drasyam = viewing [the Viswaroopam], na sakyase = not possible. Arjuna would not be able to see with the physical eyes he had. But he could see the Lord in His divine form, with the help of the Divine eyes, the Lord was about to grant. We know that Swami Koorathalwan, to save this sampradaya, lost his eyes. Swami Ramanuja ordered him, to go to Sri Devaraja, and pray to get his lost eyes. Reluctantly, Swami Koorathalwan arrived at Kanchi and composed a beautiful poem Sri Varadaraj Sthavam. He prayed the Lord to show Him. The Lord appeared and enquired what he wanted. Unwilling to ask for the lost eyes and at the same time to obey Swami Ramanuja's order, Swami Koorathalwan requested the Lord to grant hin eyes with which he could see only the Lord and Swami Ramanuja. The Lord also granted Moksham to all his relatives. And, as prayed by Swami Koorathalwan, the traitor Naluran [நாலூரான்], who helped the King to summon and remove eyes for not complying with King's order, also was granted Moksham. It is therefore, evident that only with His grace, one can ever see Him, whether in Viswaroopam or in temples in Archa form. We have to take efforts to get His blessings.