rupam mahat te bahu-vaktra-netram
maha-baho bahu-bahuru-padam
bahudaram bahu-damstra-karalam
drishtva lokah pravyathitas tathaham

"O mighty-armed one, all the planets with their demigods are disturbed at seeing Your great form, with its many faces, eyes, arms, thighs, legs, and bellies and Your many terrible teeth; and as they are disturbed, so am I."

Drishtva =seeing [Viswaroopam of the Lord], loka = [all in this] World, pravyathita = are frightened, tatha aham = same as I [Arjuna]. Arjuna says that like all people were frightened to see the Viswaroopam, he was also frightened. Arjuna has been so close to Sri Krishna, but suddenly when Sri Krishna showed His Viswaroopam, he was terrified. It is not the fear that He might kill or harm him, or the fear some of them were having, as seen in earlier slokas; but it is a fear arising out of wonder. A fear born out of reverence. Te = Your [Sri Krishna's], mahat = great, rupam = image [Viswaroopam], bahu = [with] many, vaktra = faces, netra = eyes, maha baho = Oh! the Lord with long hands. It seems the Lord's hands were lengthened because He always granted and gifted away to everyone; and, that is why He is Sri Varadaraja! Bahu = [with] many, bahu = hands, uru = thighs, padam = legs, bahu = [with] many, udharam = stomachs, bahu [with] many, dhamshtra karalam = frightening canine teeth. How can many stomachs be mentioned here? This may raise a doubt whether this Viswaroopam is the image of One or many. We should understand that stomachs could be many; but waist would be single. Waist joins the upper and lower parts of the Body. Thus Viswaroopam is with countless faces [or mouths], eyes, hands, thighs, legs, stomachs and frightening canine teeth. Therefore, people, as also Arjuna, are afraid in viewing the Viswaroopam. We will now take leave of this Kshetram.