lelihyase grasamanah samantal
lokan samagran vadanair jvaladbhih
tejobhir apurya jagat samagram
bhasas tavograh pratapanti visno

"O Vishnu, I see You devouring all people from all sides with Your flaming mouths. Covering all the universe with Your effulgence, You are manifest with terrible, scorching rays."

Arjuna addresses Sri Vishnu. He says that he saw the Lord's face and the mouth. He saw the tongue licking all the flesh and blood sticking around His lips of mouth. Why Arjuna tells this? Earlier, Arjuna told that all the warriors of the battle, were rushing into the mouth of the Lord. They were rushing like moths to a well lit lamp and rivers flowing into the ocean. Neither the ocean nor the lamp did anything to invite the river or moths to come to them. This may raise a doubt whether the Lord has no part to play; and, whether all these persons were entering the mouth of the Lord on their own. To avoid that doubt, here it is said that the Lord tastes all the blood and flesh of these people, sticking around His lips. This may frighten and ask why the Lord does this. But we should view blood and flesh as matter made of the pancha bhootha or the great Five elements. We might be scared of blood and flesh, but a doctor is accustomed to it and he is not afraid. The Lord is the greatest Doctor [வைத்யோ நாராயணோ ஹரி], and so He is seeing them as composed of Pancha bhootha. So, He licks them and tastes them. Lokan samagran = all worlds or all Universes, samantad = surrounding [the mouth], lelihyase = tasting, grasamana = sucking into [mouth]. All the persons, animals, plants,etc., are chewed while they enter the Lord's blazing mouth. In the process some blood and flesh stick around the lips and the Lord tastes them by kicking and sucking into His mouth. Jvaladbi = blazing, vadanai = mouth. Vishno = Oh! Lord Vishnu!, that is spread all over, tava = Your [Sri Krishna's], ugra = frightening, bhasa = brightness, tejobi = luminiscence, apurya = filled up, jagat samagram = all worlds or all Universes, pratapanti = are scorched. We should have that fear in Him. We will realize that we would be punished for our wrong doings. Even children are afraid of affectionate parents as they know that they will be punished for mischief. Here also, all are not afraid of only the chewing in His mouth, as everyone has to undergo that; but, the result after that is more frightening. What is the ultimate destination of the atman? To Naraka or Swarga or to Moksham. That is worrying all the people. We will now take leave of this Kshetram.