pitasi lokasya caracarasya
tvam asya pujyas ca gurur gariyan
na tvat-samo ’sty abhyadhikah kuto ’nyo
loka-traye ’py apratima-prabhava

"You are the father of this complete cosmic manifestation, of the moving and the nonmoving. You are its worshipable chief, the supreme spiritual master. No one is equal to You, nor can anyone be one with You. How then could there be anyone greater than You within the three worlds, O Lord of immeasurable power?"

Apratima = without equal, prabhava = glory. There is no one who can be considered as copy of or equal to the glory of the Lord. Asya = this, caracarasya = Universe with moving and non-moving or stationary things, pitasi = [Sri Krishna] is Father. Tvam = You [Sri Krishna ], asya = are, pujya = worshipful [by all in Universe], gariyan = supreme, guru = teacher. Father gives the body and Teacher instills Knowledge.Na asti = none, sama = equal to, tva = You [Sri Krishna]. Kuto = how, anyo = any other, abhyadhika = could be excelling [Sri Krishna]. When there are no one equal to the Lord, how could anyone be higher or more Supreme than the Lord. Loka traye pi = even in all the three worlds. Having none equal to Him, the Lord is worshiped by all in the Three worlds. For all of them the Lord is Father. Sriman Narayana is Father, Mother, Brother, Husband, Wife, etc. The Lord is every relative to all. But the relationship of Parents is very important. By mentiong the relationship of Father, Arjuna is replying to the question why the Lord should pardon Arjuna. Whatever be the mistake, Parents would never punish the child. By saying worshipful, Parnts are to be worshiped. One might have liberty with the parents, but they have to be respected. Prahalada was a child. His father never liked him. His father tortured him; yet, the Lord as his Father, rescued him everytime. The Lord is also Guru. The Lord was kind to teach Arjuna. Did He do that for any gift from Arjuna? In fact all Arjuna gave was his faults only. Arjuna played with Him and addressed Him disrespectfully. But the Lord took mercy on him and taught Arjuna, such a wonderful shastra. An Acharya is to be respected more than a father. Three worlds imply all worlds. It could also mean the Three Vedas -Rig, Yajur and Sama. In all these worlds or in Vedas, there is none equal to Him, not to speak of greater than Him.