sarvam etad rtam manye
yan mam vadasi keshava
na hi te bhagavan vyaktim
vidur deva na danavah

"O Krishna, I totally accept as truth all that You have told me. Neither the demigods nor the demons, O Lord, can understand Your personality."

Arjuna continues to praise the Lord. The Lord had told so much about His greatness. Especially, in this Chapter in the beginning, the Lord told about His property and His abundant auspicious qualities. Arjuna says that he believed all those are true. Arjuna says that His greatness is so much that neither the devas nor the Dhanavas like Rakshasas, kinnaras, Yakshas. etc., are able to completely describe them. Here, Chandra incurred the curse of Guru. Chandra had married the 27 daughters or 27 stars of Guru. But Chandra was showing his affection to Rohini alone and neglected others. They all went and complained to their father, who cursed Moon, to wax and wane. Moon prayed the Lord at various places like at Sri Rangam in Chandra pushkarini, at Thiruvindhalur in Indhu pushkarini and then here. After bathing in Chandra pushkarini the moon prayed to the Lord, Who removed his curse. Even such a deva like Chandra would find it difficult to completely tell the greatness of the Lord. Na deva = neither Devas or heavenly residents, dhanava = Yakshas and Rakshasas, vidu = know [the Lord]. Keshava = The Lord, mam = to me [Arjuna], et vadasi = what was told [ about the Lord's auspicious qualities and His wealth and property], sarvam = all those [entirely], rtam = [are] true, manye = [so Arjuna] believe[s]. Why should he say like this? The Lord does not need to divert Arjuna nor does He need to publicize His greatness. The Lord does not need any favour from Arjuna. In fact, in the beginning Arjuna requested the Lord to do him good and preach the right thing. Upanishads say that the Lord in Vaikuntam does not derive pleasure in being alone. He desires all to join Him. In that effort He takes avatars and preaches. His desire is that all should get redeemed from this samsaram and reach Him. Other than this He is not expecting anything else from any of us. Therefore, we can not find fault in this noble efforts of the Lord. Shastras say that in Vaikuntam, the Lord does not speak to any nor cares for any. It means that He needs no favour from anyone by their presence in Vaikuntam. Normally, if someone talks to us, mostly it would be for some favour. If that Lord speaks for hours to Arjuna, what does it mean? It is only for the benefit of Arjuna [and us]. Arjuna addresses the Lord as Keshava. It is Ka +Isha +va. Ka means lord Brahma and Isha means lord Shiva. Lord Shiva says, Brahma and Shiva are commanded by the Lord [va means to command]. Bhagavan = [Arjuna addresses the Lord as ] Bhagavan, which means the Lord has the Six qualities of gyana, bala, aiswarya, veerta, shakti and tejas. Te = about You [Sri Krishna], vyaktim = to describe, na = never,vidu = know. All the created jivatman can never describe the Lord fully, be they Devas or Dhanavas. Sage Parashara says that if we want to praise someone, we have to describe qualities he did not have, and get favour. In the case of the Lord, we do not know what qualities He does not possess nor we know all His qualities possessed. His qualities could be told only by Him and that is what He did and Arjuna listened to them.