vaktum arhasy asesena
divya hy atma-vibhutayah
yabhir vibhutibhir lokan
imams tvam vyapya tisthasi

"Please tell me in detail of Your divine opulences by which You pervade all these worlds."

Here Arjuna asks the Lord, "My Lord! Please tell me more about Your commanding powers". Earlier the Lord had told that He is the Owner and Commander of all in the Universe and that He has infinite auspicious qualities. In the start of this Chapter, the Lord told that He would preach Bhakti yoga and His glory so that Bhakti could develop. It appears Arjuna is trying to request the Lord not to digress from the main objective. Divya = highly glorious and divine, atma = Your [Sri Krishna's], vibhutaya = commanding power, asesena =without residue or completely, vaktum arhasy = please tell. Yabhi = by which, vibhutibhi = power of command, tvam = You [Sri Krishna], vyapya = pervading, tishtasi = established. By which power of command, the Lord is pervading everything, without exception. Arjuna requests the Lord to tell him without holding back any on such commanding powers. What are these commanding powers? In the last sloka, Arjuna used many epithets like bhuta bhavana, bhutesu, devadeva and jagat pati, etc., to praise the Lord. We should know that the Lord is the God among gods; He is the supreme God. He is the inner force in everything and commands them. He is the Owner of all and commands all. We have to note an important point here. To assume that we are at a place and the Lord is at another place and Gita is instrumental in knowing about Him, is totally wrong and will not progress us. By learning Gita we should realize that the Lord is pervading in every word and syllable of Gita, that He is pervading into Arjuna and everyone of us. We frequently hear people commenting that they have interest in Gita or interested in the Lord. This means those persons assume that they are separate from the Lord or Gita is different from the Lord. It is not like learning maths or science, which are separate from the learners. Atman is self and so it is not different from the learner. To think, to know about self, itself is the power the Lord has granted us. The Lord is the Motive force to think. We have to always think that He is inside everyone of us and is commanding. Arjuna wants to know by which power the Lord is pervading everything. How the Lord pervades and what aids Him to pervade? How are His commands? Whom all He commands? These are all Arjuna's queries. Arjuna wants to know everything about His glory. We have earlier seen that the Lord's greatness can not be understood by even great sages and even by Vedas. Then how can Arjuna understand them? By using the word arhasi, Arjuna implies that only with His blessings and grace, he can try to understand. Our efforts can not make us understand the Lord; but His blessings can make us to realize. With a request again to visit this Kshetram, we will take leave of this place.