aham sarvasya prabhavo
mattah sarvam pravartate
iti matva bhajante mam
budha bhava-samanvitah

"I am the source of all spiritual and material worlds. Everything emanates from Me. The wise who perfectly know this engage in My devotional service and worship Me with all their hearts."

The Lord says that thus they worship Him with a steady mind. In the last sloka we saw that the Lord told that he who understands properly His vibhuti or wealth and His yogam or auspicious qualities, becomes a good Bhakta. We therefore, understand that all the things in this Universe are in His control and command. He is the repository of all auspicious qualities and no bad qualities are in Him. With this knowledge, Bhakti originates and grows. How Bhakti originates is explained in this sloka. Aham = I [Sri Krishna] am, the Lord Sriman Narayana, sarvasya = entire Universe, comprising of movable and non-movable, living and non-living beings, humans, animals, plants, etc., prabhava = source of origin. Everything originates from the Lord. Arjuna got a doubt that Brahma created all these. Matta = from Me [Sri Krishna] only, sarvam = everyone, including lord Brahma, Indra, anyone engaged in creation and destruction duties, pravartete = acts. Lord Brahma can not function without the permission and grace of the Lord. So whether it is lord Brahma creating or lord Rudra destroying or Varuna showering rains, etc., they can not function themselves without the command of the Lord residing in each and everyone of them. This is called niyanthruthvam [नियंत्रूत्वं]. The power to control and keep all at His command. Iti = this [ greatness], matva = well understood, bhajante = worship [Sri Krishna]. So by understanding His greatness of the sole proprietor of entire Universe and command over them and its contents, and knowing well His abundant auspicious qualities, make one to develop Bhakti in Him. For the word iti, Swami Ramanuja shows an excellent interpretation. Iti means not only the two great qualities, but the infinite auspicious qualities included in them, like His superiority, His kindness, His simplicity, His beauty, etc., are all included. Mam = Me [ Sri Krishna], to be worshiped and enjoyed. He is pleasing to be worshiped. Budha = well learned and intellectuals, bhava samanvita = great lovers [of Sri Krishna]. Those who knew the Lord is all for them - dharaka, poshaka and bhogya [உண்ணும் சோறு, பருகும் neer ]- and have the greatest love for Him, will worship Him. Such peple could be Alwars. Alwars are gyanis and Bhaktas. Similarly are the Acharyas. They have understood the Lord. Such a person was Swami Thirukkoshtoyur Nambi. This series of Kannanin Aramudu lectures actually started from Thirukkoshtiyur. There Swami Ramanuja was initiated with the Ashtakshara and Charama sloka.