vistarenatmano yogam
vibhutim ca janardana
bhuyah kathaya trptir hi
shrinvato nasti me ’mrtam

"O Janardana, again please describe in detail the mystic power of Your opulences. I am never satiated in hearing about You, for the more I hear the more I want to taste the nectar of Your words."

Janardhana = Person granting the requests of people or destroyer of births [to enable people to reach Moksham]. Arjuna wants the Lord to tell him about His empire and qualities, thereby developing Bhakti yoga in him and consequently cutting off his birth cycle to reach Moksham. Vistarena = in detail, atmana = Your [Sri Krishna's], yogam = integrated auspicious qualities, ca = and, vibhutim = empire or wealth in command. Bhuti means wealth; vibhu means all pervading or absolute command; So, vibhuti means everything at His command. Bhuya = again, kathaya = tell, amrtam = the nectar of the qualities of the Lord, shrinvato = drinking by listening. The details of the wealth of the Lord and His auspicious qualities are like drinking nectar, for Arjuna. Once this nectar is drunk, the person is interested more and more in that; and so demands more. Me = to me [Arjuna], tripti nasti = not satisfied [with what Sri Krishna already told]. Therefore, Arjuna prays the Lord to tell more about His commanding wealth and His attributes, as they are like nectar and wants to drink more of this nectar by listening to again and again and in detail. Alwar tells that he wanted to taste the fruit of the glory of the Lord by listening. Even if we listen to the stories of the Lord, we still feel eager to listen to more and more. Puranam is pura api navam. That is the Lord's stories are very old but every time appear new to the listener. We listen to Srimad Ramayana every year; similarly, Thiruppavai every year. But we are not satisfied and want to listen to every time. What do we gain by listening to repeatedly? Is it pastime? All other stories may have both bad and good incidents. They could scare us or even make us to hate. But the stories of the Lord are not like them. With this Arjuna's talking ends. We also have completed all the Eleven Divyadesams in Nangur Region. We seek the blessings of Thirumangai Alwar before we leave this place.