svayam evatmanatmanam
vettha tvam purushottama
bhuta-bhavana bhutesa
deva-deva jagat-pate

"Indeed, You alone know Yourself by Your own internal potency, O Supreme Person, origin of all, Lord of all beings, God of gods, Lord of the universe!"

Arjuna uses many epithets in praise of the Lord. Alwar says that there is no limit or boundary for the fame of the Lord. Even though His greatness is being praised by many like the Alwars, Devas, lord Brahma, Upanishads,etc., they may be approaching Him, yet He is away and the epithets can not touch Him. None can say that they have completed the praise of Him. He is beyond the words and imagination of any. Upanishads say: yato vacho nivartante, aprapya manasacha:. This is what Arjuna told earlier that neither the Devas nor the Dhanavas know His greatness. Does it mean that such a Person does not exist or He does not have any great qualites? Arjuna negates that thinking and says only He knows His greatness. Purushotthama = greatest among everyone, He is greater than us, Muktas and Nithyas. Swayameva =You Yourself [Sri Krishna Himself] by Your [Sri Krishna's] knowledge, atman atmanam = Self glory, vettha = understand. The Lord's glory is understood only by Himself with His knowledge. Others are incapable. Other than His Own knowledge nothing else has the power to grasp. Because His fame is infinity while any of us have limitations. Bhuta bhavana = Source for all living beings; lord Brahma, lord Rudra, Indra and everyone originate from the Lord. Upanishads say that during the Maha Pralayam, Sriman Narayana alone was there. Bhutesa = Commander or Ruler of all created. Isa means controller or commander or ruler. Deva deva = Deva for Devas. Compared to us, Devas are superior in knowledge, longevity, beauty and happiness. But the Lord is much superior even to Devas, in every aspect. Just as we can not measure the greatness of Devas, Devas can never understand the greatness of the Lord. Jagat pate = Leader of Universe. Here pati means Proprietor or Swami, owning the entire Universe. Praising like this Chandra also got his curse resolved.