sri-bhagavan uvaca
hanta te kathayisyami
divya hy atma-vibhutayah
pradhanyatah kuru-srestha
nasty anto vistarasya me

"The Supreme Personality of Godhead said: Yes, I will tell you of My splendorous manifestations, but only of those which are prominent, O Arjuna, for My opulence is limitless."

Kuru srestha = noble on of Kuru dynasty!, kathayisyami = [I, Sri Krishna] will tell [you, Arjuna]. Hanta = alas [ Sri Krishna wonders how He is to tell in detail about His wealth and attributes, as even the Lord would find it difficult to list them. One can say there is nothing which is not His. That would be simpler.]. Te =to you [the Lord is going to reply Arjuna] . Atma = My [Sri Krishna's], divya = sacred, vibhutaya = wealth. The Lord might be ready to tell, but Arjuna should have the capacity to understand. Pradhanyata = important ones [ as the Lord fears it might not be possible for Arjuna to understand all and time might not permit. So He would select the more important ones and tell Arjuna]. Me = My [ Sri Krishna's], vistarasya = spread out [of His wealth], nasty = has no, anta = end. Since the property of the Lord is so large without a limit, He would list out some important ones which would make Arjuna to gauge the property of the Lord. Those to be listed are all very sacred and superior ones. He wants to tell Arjuna, who had expressed his eagerness to know and who had accepted the Lord as the Supreme God. Swami Desika in his Tatparya Chandrika explains this. Arjuna in sloka 18 wanted Sri Krishna to tell in detail His wealth and attributes. Instead of listing all, Sri Krishna tells him that He would tell only the more important ones. It is because, His wealth and attributes have no end or limitless. His wealth is all sacred. The Utsavar of this place is called Sri Selva Narayanan or popularly Sri Selva Pillai [ஸ்ரீ செல்வப் பிள்ளை ]. Selvam in tamil means wealth. Thus Kalyani [which means sacred] and Sri Selva Narayana Perumal, give an idea of His sacred wealth.