ma te vyatha ma ca vimudha-bhavo
drishtva rupam ghoram idrn mamedam
vyapeta-bhih prita-manah punas tvam
tad eva me rupam idam prapasya

"You have been perturbed and bewildered by seeing this horrible feature of Mine. Now let it be finished. My devotee, be free again from all disturbances. With a peaceful mind you can now see the form you desire."

The Lord asks Arjuna not to get worried and assures peace with fear abandoned. He assures to grace him with His usual image. Ma te vyata = let your [Arjuna's] fear vanish, ma ca vimudha-bhava = perish [Arjuna's] perturbed feelings, [because of] idrn = such, ghoram = frightening, mama = My [Sri Krishna's], rupam = image [of Viswaroopam], drishtva = having seen [by Arjuna]. The Lord says that Arjuna, having seen the very frightening Viswaroopam of the Lord, got fear and perturbed mind, and He assured that all those fears and confusion would be banished. In the second half of the sloka, the Lord states that Arjuna would be able to see the ever pleasant image of the Lord, as Sri Krishna. Vyapeta-bhi = fear vanished, prita- mana = mind full of love, tvam = you [Arjuna], puna = again,tad eva = that same, me= My [Sri Krishna's], idam = this, rupam = [pleasant] image, prapasya = see. Again see, does not mean that the Lord is again showing His Viswaroopam to Arjuna. This is not possible as in the First half of the sloka, the Lord agrees to ward off the fear Arjuna felt having seen Viswaroopam. He is, therefore, assuring Arjuna, to show His image familiar to Arjuna and which would not kindle fear in Arjuna. Arjuna felt fear having seen Viswaroopam; but, for us, we get the fear seeing the World -Viswam- worsening everyday. We see the World and get fear and our minds are perturbed. Arjuna got fear having seen the Lord associated with the World. Thus by seeing the Lord as Sri Krishna, both types of fears are extinguished. The fear arising at the way things are going in the World, at the elimination of peace in the World and at the Lord in Viswaroopam. We are assuaged, once we remember the encouraging words of the Lord. Those practicing yoga and with uplifted mind, might not be afraid of the Lord, even in Viswaroopam. This is possible only if we train our mind to see Brahmam in Viswaroopam, as done by some great persons. Though, the Lord addresses Arjuna, we have to understand that the Lord is addressing everyone of us. Our fears are worse than Arjuna's. That is why we have to visit temples like these and worship the beautiful Lord and get our fears of samsaram eliminated. Just like Army displays flag march to assuage the fear in bomb exploded area, by worshiping the Lord in temples like here, would soothen our feelings. By visiting temples, our worries like sage Kalava had, are reduced. In Srimad Ramayana, Sri Sita meets Anasuya. Sri Sita told that Her father Janaka was deeply worried at Her not getting married, even after She reached marriage age. Anasuya asked Sri Sita as to what Her age was at that time. Sri Sita replied that She was already Six years old and Her father was worried! Though, this was the situation of that past, even now within the Laws in force, many do not get married in time, due to non-match of horoscopes, defects in Horoscope, etc. All such problems are resolved here. By worshiping the Auspicious image of the Lord Sri Nitya Kalyana Perumal, all worries and perturbances are driven away. Sri Krishna aslo, in the same way, is assuaging the feelings of Arjuna, by showing him, His pleasant form as Sri Krishna.