abhyase ’py asamartho ’si
mat-karma-paramo bhava
mad-artham api karmani
kurvan siddhim avapsyasi

"If you cannot practice the regulations of bhakti-yoga, then just try to work for Me, because by working for Me you will come to the perfect stage."

Siddhim = siddhi, avapyasi = attain. Attaining siddhi means, by means of Bhakti yoga attaining Moksham; attaining Bhakti yoga; attaining the practice of thinking about His auspicious qualities. To get this Arjuna is asked to perform service to the Lord. By doing so, progressively he would attain various results. The real siddhi is to perform Bhakti yoga and attain Moksham. By suggesting an alternative, Arjuna or we should not think that the alternative would take to a different destination, other than His divine feet. All His alternative suggestions have the same objective. Efforts are made easier, but the objective remains as such. Asamartho'si = incapable of, abhyase 'pi = to do [mental] exercise [ of thinking about the Lord's auspicious qualities] even, mat-karma-paramo = superior activities related to Me [Sri Krishna], bhava = may be done. What type of activities? Making garlands, preparing sandal wood paste, offering flowers, cleaning up, doing pooja [aradhana], singing His names and in praise of Him, prostrating, dancing to songs on Him, etc. All these involve manual labour. We are all accustomed to do things involving direct perception. Thinking of unseen qualities is difficult to practice. Therefore, the Lord suggests easier course. We can go to the temple and go around, collect flowers, make garlands, etc. Like this if we do, then, mad-artham = towrads Me [Sri Krishna], karmani = activities, kurvan api = even if done, siddhim avapsyasi = [Arjuna] would attain siddhi. In the last sloka the Lord told that by meditating on His qualities, one could attain siddhi. Here, He says even activities related to His service also would make one to attain siddhi. So, whether thinking of His qualities or serving physically the Lord, one could choose the path suited to oneself. So, as in 5th pasuram of Thiruppavai, singing His glory or thinking of Him or offering flowers, any method will eventually take us to Bhakti yoga and lead to Moksham. Doing activities related to the Lord would take one to abhyasa yoga. This will tend to think of His auspicious qualities. This will firm up buddhi, with which one should get the mind involved in Him. Thus slokas 8 ,9 and 10 are steps, in which they are in descending order in difficulty to perform. Arjuna, now seem to think that suppose he was not able to do these activities also in the service of God, what then? So far He had advised Bhakti, meditation and physical action, all in respect of the Lord. But we are more accustomed to serving ourselves. He seems to think that suggesting easier methods but related to Him were not useful. Sensing this the Lord suggests further easy method. We will pray the Divine Couple to make us to understand Gita clearly.