arjuna uvaca
drstvedam manusam rupam
tava saumyam janardana
idanim asmi samvrttah
sa-cetah prakritim gatah

"When Arjuna thus saw Krishna in His original form, he said: O Janardana, seeing this humanlike form, so very beautiful, I am now composed in mind, and I am restored to my original nature."

In the last sloka, Sanjaya narrated that the Lord displayed His usual beautiful form and assuaged Arjuna. Now Arjuna tells the Lord his reaction on seeing the Lord in His usual form. Idam = this [the Lord's original image], dristva = seeing, tava = You [Sri Krishna], saumyam = very pleasant, manusam rupam = human form, idanim = now, asmi = I [Arjuna] am, samvrtta = composed in mind. Arjuna's fears were gone on seeing the original and beautiful human form of the Lord and he regained his composure. The Lord is in His usual beautiful form as in Thiruvidavendhai. Though Viswaroopam was frightening, the Lord is same in Viswaroopam and now. If we approach the Lord without Bhakti, He will appear frightening. At the same time, just because the Lord appeared like any human being, we should not consider He is like us. He is beautiful, uncomparable. Swami Ramanuja says that the Lord displays soundaryam, lavanyam, soukumaram and mardhavam at the same time. The Lord is saddened when Bhaktas are separated from Him. He has the human form, without the defects we notice in normal men. He attracts anyone seeing Him. Our mind goes after Him. Arjuna thus returns to his self.