yasman nodvijate loko
lokan nodvijate ca yah
mukto yah sa ca me priyah

"He for whom no one is put into difficulty and who is not disturbed by anyone, who is equipoised in happiness and distress, fear and anxiety, is very dear to Me."

Yasman = at whom, loko = the World, na advijate = is not afraid. The Lord says that He likes that person, at whom, the World is not afraid. His activities threaten none. It is not that a son is not afraid of his father; but a totally stranger he is and he causes no fear in anybody. People of scared of certain persons, as they might harm them. The devotee of the Lord is liked by everyone and his activities enthuse others. Lokan = at the World, na advijate ca = also not afraid. The Lord likes that person, who is not afraid of the World. Because this person, the Lord's devotee, pleases the World. He is also not afraid of the World; or to put it in other words, the World does not do anything to scare him. If we do harm to others, then others scheme to take revenge and so we are scared of others. These Two qualities - we like the world and the world likes us - have to be developed. Our talks and deeds should be friendly and helpful. We should never harm others with our words or by actions. Karmayogi will desire peace only. We are afraid of the world, if we are greedy or commit undesirable acts. By greed we might have amassed wealth. Then we try to preserve them by illegal methods. All these will make us afraid of the World. Either we are not greedy or if we have accumulated wealth legally, we should distribute and lessen our burden, which will keep us in peace and happiness. We should be greedy in acquiring knowledge, Bhakti and other superior qualities. No one would ever steal them away. We have to amass those which would not cause us worries. Harsa = happiness, amarsa = sorrow, or anger out of sorrow, bhaya = fear, udvega = any such urges, mukto yah = whoever is free from. This person, whom the Lord likes, does not jump with happiness nor brood in a corner or shouts in anger and is not in fear. When we are to get huge money we feel happy; and feel sorry or angry, if that is halted or delayed ; also we are in fear in anticipation, etc. Sa me priya = he is liked by Me [Sri Krishna]. Person without these qualities, is liked by the Lord. Swami Ramanuja lived like that. He was a leader among sanyasins. Without likes and dislikes, he redeemed everyone.