mat-karma-krn mat-paramo
mad-bhaktah sanga-varjitah
nirvairah sarva-bhutesu
yah sa mam eti pandava

"My dear Arjuna, he who engages in My pure devotional service, free from the contaminations of fruitive activities and mental speculation, he who works for Me, who makes Me the supreme goal of his life, and who is friendly to every living being—he certainly comes to Me."

Pandava = Arjuna, sa = he, mam eti = attains Me [Sri Krishna]. Who is that fortunate? Yah = who, sarva-bhutesu = to all living beings, nir vaira = does not feel enmity, who loves all, such a person reaches the Lord. When such feelings will occur? Person who is devoted to the Lord, does not find anyone as his enemy. Sanga varjita = averse to worldly life. He has extreme love for the Lord and averse to all others. Mad bhakta = My [Sri Krishna's] devotee, his mind is concentrated only on the Lord. Mind if it is engaged in worldly pleasures will not be after the Lord and vice versa. Bhakti should be always on Lord, even when we are engaged otherwise. Bhakti should be in the blood. Bhakti is the characteristic of atman; while our office work or worldly affairs are related to body. Atman is related to detachment, Gyana and Bhakti. That is what the Lord says that once devoted to Him, mind will not be distracted by other things. Swami Alavandar says that his wealth was the Divine feet of the Lord. Then all other materials are useless. This is what is conveyed in Swami Ramanuja's Thaniyan 'yo nityam achyuta....'. The Lord says that a devotee, once engaged in Him, becomes His property. All atman are His, so understands the devotee. Prahalada says that he never liked differentiation among living beings. He found the Lord in all. When our limbs would not fight with each other, why we should find fault with other persons? We should have no disputes in the name of religion or nation or language. The Lord is same in all. This thought will occur only in the devotees of the Lord, says Sri Krishna. Mad karma krt = whatever action he does is for Me [Sri Krishna]. There is an advantage in this. We commit certain bad things, knowing they are bad. Because, we do them not for His sake but for our sake. Once we dedicate all our actions to the Lord, we would never indulge in any bad activity. Mad parama = every action is to reach Me [Sri Krishna]. The devotee does all actions dedicated to Him. His aim is to reach Him only. Mind is focussed on Him. He is averse to worldly pleasures. He does not despise anyone. Such a person attains the Lord. We will now take leave of this Kshetram.