Friday, December 12, 2008

BG 12.1

Now we are to see Chapter 12, where some more concepts are told. Why this Chapter 12 was necessary? Arjuna understood from the last slokas of Chaptr 11 that to reach the Lord, Bhakti was the sole way. Bhakti or devotion should be shown to that Person, Who had the highest glory. Is glory alone sufficient? That Person should also have mercy [Tamil: neermai நீர்மை ]. Simplicity consisting of soundaryam, souseelyam, lavanyam, soulabhyam and audharyam. Arjuna's mind was attracted by these qualities of mercy. By viewing the Viswaroopam, Arjuna realized that Sri Krishna was the greatest and none was equal to Him. And, before fully comprehending this quality, the Lord appeared as Arjuna's ever loving friend Sri Krishna and thus exhibited His qualities of mercy. In this quality, Arjuna was totally immersed. Neermai or mercy instantly induces Bhakti in us.
[Due to bad signal, again the lecture was interrupted today - 11th December 2008, and so further lecture could not be listened to. Assuming the lecturer would have mentioned the essence of Chapter 12, in Gitarta sangraha, by Swami Alavandar, relevant sloka is reproduced without any explanation:
bhakte´s´srais.t.hyam.up¯ayoktih.a´saktasy¯atmanis.t.hat¯a |
tatprak¯ar¯astvatipr¯ıtih.bhakte dv¯ada´sa ucyate || (16) ]

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