Monday, February 19, 2007


Today's sloka is the latter half of sloka 28 and full sloka 29:
arjuna uvaca
drstvemam sva-janam krishna
yuyutsum samupasthitam
sidanti mama gatrani
mukham ca parisusyati
vepathus ca sarire me
roma-harsas ca jayate
From the house of Sri Vedantha Desika today's lecture was given. Desika was born in 1267 and lived for 100 years. He made 28 sthothrams on various dieties besides drama, kavya and a number of works on sidhantha. His work on Gita is called Thathparya Chandrika and forms basis for these lectures.Paying our respects to that great Acharya we continue.
Arjuna now speaks: Oh Krishna seeing my people here to fight my body is trembling, my mouth is drying and the hair on my body is standing on end.
Arjuna finds all his relatives and freinds assembled. Normally such assembly will be for some happy occasion and people will be glad to be among the gathering. But here they have assembled to fight with each other and so he is saddened.
He addresses as Krishna and not by any other name now. Krishna in sanskrit ,by splitting the word Krishi+, means person who pleases earth. Krishi is farming or ploughing. By doing this we harvest and live happily. So also Krishna makes those living on this earth happy. Krishna also means dark blue or black which was the complexion of Sri Krishna. Andal says in her Nachiyar Thirumozhi ' Kannan ennum karundeivam..' Since He is not appearing before her, out of disgust, she says she wants to forget Him but she is unable to forget the black colour.
Black is considered beautiful. A black cloud brings happiness as it will rain and after exhausting its water content it turns white. So normally a person with good compassion and sympathy is likened to a rain bearing black cloud. Such a cloud does not rain for a particular section or persons but for the entire area without any discrimination. So also good people do not discriminate on the basis of caste or creed. So also God is.

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TG Saranathan said...

I forgot to add some more. In Srimad Bhagavatham, Hiranyakashipu sends his son Prahlada to the guru for learning.Next day the child refuses to go to guru and the father thinks it is usual and fries to find what is the reason. he child replies there is no problem in the school but the teacher says we should hate devas and love only asuras. In the creation of Sriman Narayana how can we hate anyone.Everyone is His child and we should love each other. So compassio that all of us belong to same should be there.