Thursday, February 15, 2007


Today the 26th sloka:
tatrapasyat sthitan parthah
pitrn atha pitamahan
acaryan matulan bhratrn
putran pautran sakhims tatha
svasuran suhridas caiva
senayor ubhayor api
From there Partha could see in both sides fathers, grandfathers, teachers,uncles,brothers,sons, grandsons, freinds,fathers-in-law and well wishers.
lecture was given from the house[thiru maligai] of Sri Mudaliyandan. His name was Dasarathi and was the son of Ramanuja's sister ie nephew. This house also is in east Chittirai street. Thousand years back Ramanuja got the authority to administer the temple and he devised the rituals, uthsavams and other functions to be carried out which are followed even today. Ramanuja wanted participation of all . He put Mudaliyandan in charge of administration and the nephew also did the job sincerely.
Now, Arjuna's chariot was parked in the middle of both armies so that he could have a view of all those who had come to fight. He sees so many relatives, freinds and teachers assembled.Here it is not important to know who were fathers, or sons etc. but it should be noted that those whom normally we consider as mutual help have all come to fight. This is the start of confusion Arjuna is going to have. In our life normally we regard freinds and close relatives as those who will always standby us. But it is practical that this does not happen and we are shocked to find when they do not support us.
Here an incedence in Srimad Valmiki Ramayana is to be remembered. When Sri Rama decides to fulfill His father's promise to Kaikeyi and goes to forest, He accompanied by Sri Sita and Sri Lakshmana, are driven in the chariot by the king's one of the ministers Sumanthra. At the banks of Ganga river Sri Rama and the accompanying two are to board the boat brought by Sri Guha and the time for taking leave by Sumanthra comes. With a heavy heart Sumanthra takes leave of Sri Rama and asks what is the message for His father, Dasaratha.Sri Rama replies that His heart was filled with sorrow and wants Sumanthra to tell His father that He will complete the 14 years exile period like 14 days and so Dasaratha should not feel sorry. He further asks Sumanthra to take care of His father. Next Sumanthra goes to Sita and asks for any message, She being a lady with more tender heart by nature, is unable to say anything. When it is the turn of Sri Lakshmana, Sumanthra asks him as what the message to his father.Lakshmana says the question itself was wrong. Puzzled, Sumanthra replies that he had asked correctly only. Lakshmana said that his message is only to the King Dasaratha. He regarded Dasarath no longer as his father nor did he regard Sumithra as his mother but for him all such close relations was Sri Rama alone.
Sumanthra after taking leave arrives at Ayodhya and reports to the king Dasaratha that Sri Rama had entered the forests. Dasaratha enquires what were the messages from them and Sumanthra tells what happened. But Dasaratha on hearing Lakshmana's message that he did not regard Dasaratha as father but Sri Rama as father, is overjoyed and embraces Sumanthra.
Here we should understand that all so called close relatives and freinds are neither dependable nor permanent and everyone should regard God as the true relative and freind. This way one can avoid unhappiness if a relative or a freind turned against oneself In fact it should be our endeavour not to expect anything from them so that disappointment never occurs.


Sowmya said...

I have a question for you. When Lakshmana disregards his parents, isnt that wrong? As Dasaratha is also Sri Rama's bhakta, and by disregarding, he is actually commiting Bhagavatha Apacharam. Also Mata Pita Guru Deivam, doesnt that aplly here?

uhgar said...
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uhgar said...

IMHO, the adage "Mata, Pita, Guru Deivam" could have a different interpretation, "Mata, Pita, Guru is Deivam!", in other words, HE is all of the above.
Sri Lakshmana is able to realize that everything else is instable and that (the realization of Him being our mother, father) is the only truth.
So when Sri Lakshmana recognizes this, Dasaratha is overcome with happiness.
Also, it must have been more of a comfort feeling for Dasaratha to note that his Rama has a faithful follower in Lakshmana and will be taken care of.
So it is not more of disregard for his parents of this world, Dasaratha and Sumithra, but Lakshmana's ability to look beyond that and appreciate Sri Sita Rama as his parents is what stands out in this episode. What do you say, Appa?