Sunday, February 18, 2007


Today it is the 27th sloka of Chapter1:
tan samiksya sa kaunteyah
sarvan bandhun avasthitan
kripaya parayavisto
visidann idam abravit
When the son of Kunthi [Arjuna] saw all freinds and relatives he was full of mercy or sympathy or compassion and spoke:
Today's lecture was delivered from the Sri Ramanuja Matham in the north Uthira [ul +thiru] street. Now it is occupied by H.H.Sri Sriranga Jeer, who accepts all the rituals gifted to Sri Bhashyakarar[Sri Ramanuja].In this place only Ramanuja lived in Srirangam and administered the entire SriVaishnava community. He was born in the star Arudra also known as Ardra. In sanskrit ardra means wet or water soaked. Normally those with compassion or sympathy are referred to in tamil[as also in other languages] as with a wet mind [ as opposed to dry mind or heart]. This is a very essential quality. Without this the importance of other qualities will be nil. For example, we refer to God as all knowing and all powerful. His knowledge is boundless and He knows all and everyone. His power also is limitless and He can tackle everyone anywhere and always. On the otherside, we are all mortal humans with limited capabilities and we commit endless mistakes knowingly and otherwise also. This God knows and He has the full authority to punish. So if only He did not have that mercy we can not imagine what will happen to us. So it is the quality of mercy makes us all approach Him and get what we want for our welfare,[TGS:in a sloka in Daya sathakam, Swamy Sri Desikan says that Hey Mother Mercy but for you all other qualities of Him will be dangerous for us]
During Ramanuja's time there was another sanyasin disciple called Sri Embar. His original name aws Govinda and was the cousin of Ramanuja. Once he bathed in Cauvery and came out and on the bank he saw a snake struggling because of a thorn stuck inits tongue. Embar out of pity removed the thorn carefully and again took bath and returned to the math.
His sishyas asked why did he remove the thorn from the deadly snake and now you have enabled it to start biting people and killing them. For this his reply was did the snake put the poison on its teeth or is it God's creation? Did it have the option to take birth as snake? It is the nature of snakes and we can not see it suffering.
Similarly we are all children of God and what use is there if we can not help each other in distress. Just as if one hand gets help from another hand because all belong to same body we should help each other. This will happen only when there is the quality of mercy.
Though Arjuna was a great warrior and his prowess in archery was famous , yet because he had that quality of mercy in him he was overwhelmed with compassion at the sight of the relatives and freinds in the battlefield.

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