Monday, February 12, 2007


Today is the 24th sloka of Chapter1:
sanjaya uvaca
evam ukto hrsikeso
gudakesena bharata
senayor ubhayor madhye
sthapayitva rathottathe mam

Now Sanjaya told: Having told by Gudakesa[Arjuna] , Sri hrishikesa parked the magnificient chariot between the two armies and..[this continues in the next sloka]
This sloka meaning was being lectured in the hose [thiru maligai] of a great acharyan Sri Kooresa or koorathalwar located in east Chithirai street near the Thaer parking.[ In Srirangam there are three festivals when the thaer [or ratham or chariot] is drawn . During chithirai [april-may] frestival this chariot in east chithirai street will be drawn. Dyring month of thai [jan-feb] [ I also sent photos recently] another chariot in Uthira street parked near State bank of india on the southern side will be drawn. Yet another chariot called goratham parked in the junction of east and north chithirai street is drawn dourng Panguni[ march-apri] festival.
hough Sri Koorathlwar has not made any works on Gita he is remembered now as he practiced Gita in his life. He was born on Thai poosam in 1010 and so the 1000th birthday will be falling in 2010. Sri Ramanuja was born in 1017. hough elder he renunciated all his wealth and surrendered to Udayavar[ Ramanuja] as his disciple. He was a great zamindar in the village Kooram located between Kanchipuram and Arakkonam.
Sanjaya mentions the name gudakesa for Arjuna. Guda means sleep and Arjuna was endowed with the skill of conquering sleep. All of us require sleep to recharge our organs , whereas Arjuna could get that refreshness without a sleep. Our sleep stage is charachterised in 3 stages. he first one is Awakened or jagrath stage when all our organs and mind [mind is considered as an organ]are active. Next is swapna stage when all our physical orgns are inactive but mind is active. Finally the sushumna stage when even the mind is inactive. By practicing yoga at his will Arjuna could give rest to all these organs and be afresh always. Here it is to denote that such an extraordinary man is asking Sri Krishna. After parking the chariot Sri Krishna is going to talk now and that will contiue in the next sloka.

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