Thursday, February 8, 2007


For the last couple of weeks Sri UVe Velukkudi Krishnan swamy is giving lecture on Bhagavad Gita titled Kannan Aaramudam [ he never diminishing Nectar of Sri krishna] for 15 mts on Podigai [DD] TV channel on all weekdays from 630am to 645am.He preludes with various topics like Srirangam and some Mahabharatha stories relevant to the sloka of that day. God willing i propose to briefly indicate the essence of each day lecture so that you will know what is Gita and what is our sampradaya interpretation. I will only give very brief points and if necessary any related stories.
I started listening to only from the 4th sloka and so i will start now and go up to today's lecture. God willing from tomorrow it will be daily only that days lecture. If you can suggest another method where i can keep all these in a consolidated form so that it may be useful for reference instead of opening so many mails i will be thankful.
Duryodana tells Dronacharya:In our army there are warriors to fight Bhima, Arjuna, Yudhishtra,Virata and Drupada who are all Maharathas[ a ratha can fight one to one, an Athiratha can fight single handedly many and a Maharatha can fight single handedly 11000 persons]. here are also other fighters [ on Padava side] like Dhrishtaketu, Cekitana, Kasiraja, Purujit, Kuntibhoja and are also Abhimanyu and sons of Droupathy.All are Maharathas. On our side we have you ,Bhishma, Karna, Kripa, Asvatthama,Vikarna, son of Somadutta [Bhurisravas].There are many heroes who are prepared to sacrifice their lives for me and well experienced. Our side is ably protected by Bhishma and their side is protected by Bheema.So you must give full support to Bhishma and take care of the army. Here even though the Commander in chief is Bheeshma but he is addressing Drona, because though Bhishma can wipe out the other side since he is grand father to both Kauravas and pandavas Bhishma has declined to kill any pandavas.This is irking Duryodana. On hearing these words Bhishma blew his conch to boost the spirits of Duryodana and immediately all drums, trumpets and others roared.
On the other side Sri Krishna and Arjuna are seated in their chariot and blw their conches-Panchajanyam of Hrishikesa [ Sri Kishna's another name which means not merely He controls His organs but controls everyone's organs]Devadatta of Aruna and Paundra of Vrikothara [ wolf bellyed Bhima],Ananthvijayam of Kuntiputra Yudhishtra, Soghosha of Nakula and Manipushpaka of Sahadeva. Similarly the King of Kashi, Shikandi,Dhrashtadyumna, Virata, Satyaki, Drupada, the sons of Draupathi,others and the son of Subhadra [sister of Sri krishna and wife of Arjuna -Abhimanyu] all blew their conches. The sounds of these echoed from the sky and earthand shattered the hearts of the sons of Dridharashtra.
[from now on today's sloka.20 and half of sloka 21]Arjuna seated in the chariot with monkey [Sri Hanuman] flag took his bow and told these words to sri Hrishikesa. Vyasa who composed Mahabharata has introduced the word flag to denote that where Sri Hanuman is there victory is certain. Sri hanuman had Promised his brother Bheema [ both are aspects of Vayu- wind god] that he can not participate as a fighter in the Mahabharath war but will remain on Pandava side and bless victory.
[ there are many sites which give full texts to read the actual slokas and i am seeing this website: .
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Srinidhi said...

Dear Sir,
I am aware you are an ardent follower of Sri Mukkur Swamy. Instead of wasting your time transcribing works of mortals like Velukkudi, wouldnt it fit your past, to work on the immense works of Sri Mukkur Swamy. Time for introspection.


Sivananda Thirumalai said...

Blessed Swamiji!
you are doing wonderful work. Continue this seva.

adiyen ramanuja dasan,
Thirumalai Iyengar.

sumithra said...

Adiyen is an enthusiastic Vaishnavite. Since the first blog comment, many days have passed and the yeoman service of bringing Baghawat Geetha to PCs is continuing thanks to Bhagwat Anugraham and the Kainkaryum of Sri TGS

May I seek some clarification from Sri Srinidhi swami.

1.0 Going by the word 'mortal'as used in English or as per our Srivaishnavism, is not every one a mortal or Jeevatma other than Srimand Narayana. Some day all Jeevatmas strive to attain the Lotus feet of of Srimand Narayana with Acharya Anugraham.
2.0 Could it not have been better, if emphasis had been made only on the importance of translating and bringing to Public, the literary and Upanyasm treasures of Sri Mukkur Swami.

Adiyaarku Adiyen,

Selvapillai Ramanujadasan said...

This is a wonderfull service. No words to explain adiyens feeling. Thalai ellal kaimarilayel