Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Today aws the 25th sloka:
sarvesam ca mahi-ksitam
uvaca partha pasyaitan
samavetan kurun iti

Sanjaya continues that Sri Krishna draws the chariot between the armies and positions it in front of Bhishma and Drona and other important persons and tells Arjuna "Partha look at all the Kuru [dynasty] people assembled here".
Today's sloka was delivered from the house [ thiru maligai] of Sri Periya nambigal also called Mahapoorna, in east Chithirai street, near Sri Koorathalwan house. Periya nambigal was one of the main desciples of Sri Alavandar, grandson of Sri Nathamuni who got the 4000DP in yoga directly from Sri Nammalwar. So Sri Nathamuni and Sri Alavandar are considered as very important Acharyas. Though Sri Alavandar realised the greatness of Sri Ramanuja and wanted to lead the Sri Vaishnavism and also deputed Periyanambi to bring Ramanuja, unfortunately,before Ramanuja could reach Srirangam, Sri Aavandar expired and so both have never met in real life. But Ramanuja learnt all the basics Sri Alavandar wanted to teach him from five desciples of Sri Alavandar and Sri Periya nambi is the foremost among them.
When the administration of Srirangam temple came to Ramanuja, he allotted various houses in the saptha prakara of the temple and for his acharya Periyanambi , his desciple Koorathalwar and his nephew cum desciple MudaliAandan he allotted houses near his matham.In another incidence sri Ramanuja was ordered by Sri Varadaraja Perumal of Kanchi to seek Periya nambi for learning.
Arjuna ordered Sri Krishna only to park the vehicle between the two armies but He stationed it in front of Bheeshma and Drona. There are several interpretations here. One is He brought the chariot in front of Bheeshma, Drona and also all others. Another is that since Bheeshma and Drona were in command He positioned the vehicle in front of them. Yet another interpretation is that since the Lord knows what is going to happen and He has to deliver a great lecture of more than 600 slokas, He should create an oportunity for that. If He had parked the chariot in front of Duryodana or Duschasana or Karna , perhaps Arjuna's anger will be roused and he would have immediately started the fight and we would have missed the Gita. Now after seeing grandfather and his teacher he will think as to why fight and Sri Krishna will start the lecture.Yet another is that the Lord gives one more opportunity for Bheeshma to cancel the war and stand by dharma. When the Kauravas tried to disgrace females in general and Draupati in particular, Bheeshma as a true learned person [gyani] should have gone to the extent of taking the sword and beheading all these wicked persons.In fact this could have been done by Sri Krishna also as soon as Draupati uttered " Hey !Govinda! Dwarakanilaya !Achyutha !pahi maam.."Here one great acharya -PillailokaAcharya- says that it is good He did not come from Dwaraka but sent sarees to save Draupati from disgrace. Had he come He would have killed Bheeshma for eyewitness to such disgrace being committed to feminity. Not only that He would have finished all the Kauravas. Not stopping at that He would have killed even the Pandavas for staking Draupathi as a bet.So Bheeshma missed a chance to prove that he was a real protector of the Kuru dynasty. Now by stationing the chariot in front of him, the Lord tests whether at least now will he awake to the massacre of Dharma and order for the halt of the battle and grant the share due to Pandavas or will he fight from the Kaurava side.
And He says to Arjuna- Look at the members of Kuru dynasty -that is look with full knowledge of these persons.


uhgar said...

I have a question on the statement that says tht if Sri Krishna were in the court, He would have killed Bhismha and the others. Firstly, why does He have to be there personally to kill anyone?
Secondly, did not Bhishma have the boon that he could die whenever he wanted, if so how could he have been killed?

TG Saranathan said...

I think what the lecturer wanted to emphasise was that Bheeshma was regarded as a Gyani, yet he did not use the opportunities in the proper manner. And sri PillaiLokacharyar has tried to justify Sri krishna's action, Who knew that the war was to happen. So these are all some intellectual interpretations to appreciate som actions. That is all