Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Today the second half of sloka 31 was explained:
nimittani ca pasyami
viparitani keshava
The lecture was started with a sloka on Sri Krishna : Kararavinde ...Mukharavinde...
This sloka pictures Him as lying on he tender banian tree leaf as a small child with holding the feet by His hands and the mouth tasting the toe. His feet are like lotus, His hands are lotus and His face and Mouth are lotus. Such a Bunch of lotus is delivering the Gita to Arjuna.
Here, Arjuna further tells Oh! Keshava, i see all bad omens.
Seeing that his dear ones have all assembled to fight, Arjuna feels that it is mistrust[ in Tamil it is nambikkai droham] and so his mind swirls and body trembles. This happens to all when something contrary to our belief happens. He notices some bad omens or signs ocuring heralding bad things are to happen.
The lecturer emphasised the difference between noticing natural indications and irrational beliefs[mooda nambikkai] In Ramayana, Vibheeshana cautions Ravana saying that right from the time Ravana abducted Sri Sita and imprisoned Her in Ashoka forest he saw lots of ill omen indicating annhilation of the Rakshasa community and advises his brother to release Sri Sita back to Sri Rama. So noticing nature for such messages is good. In the recent tsunami havoc also animals were able to know the disaster earlier and they escaped to safer places while humanbeings failed to notice those indications, as we are going awat from nature. This does not mean one should lead a beast's life but we should try to respect mother nature and preserve for our own benefits. Unusual howlings of fox or anticlockwise circling by birds are all to be noticed to be cautious. These should not be confused and we resort to everyting for such indications. Also resorting to astrology for everything is bad. Astrology is a great scince and our ancestors have developed that as a science and we are able to know eclipse etc accurately But refering to that foe every small thing is irrational. Besides if lady becomes a widow we should not treat her so badly. We should understand that it was not her fault that she lost her husband and she like any sanyasin lives a secluded life and so she should be given the same respects as we give to sanyasins. They also should be invited to functions like anyone else. We tnd to reject some stars as not auspicious. How can in God's creations such discriminations be possible. So all 27 nakshathrams are good and all the seven days of the week are good.


Sowmya said...

On account of that, I would like to add what I heard once. Sri Karunakaran swamy told, that Sri Krishna was born on an Ashtami day, and Rama on a Navami, just for us to know that even those days are as auspicious as any other day.

TG Saranathan said...

You are absolutely correct.