Monday, February 26, 2007


Today the 33rd sloka was dealt:
yesham arthe kanksitam no
rajyam bhogah sukhani ca
ta ime ’vasthita yuddhe
pranams tyaktva dhanani ca

Today's lecture was from the Sri Paramapada Nathan sannidhi in the Srirangam temple. This sannidhi is on the way from Thayar sannidhi via Sri Chakkara theertha pushkarini and on the way to 1000 pillar mandapam. Here Sriman Narayana is seated on the Serpent throne in Sri Vaikunta along with Sri Thayar and other Concerts. His right leg can be seen and the left leg is folded. We daily chant in the T hiruvaradanam 'kaveri virajam Vaikuntam seyam Sriranga mandiram..'This denotes that just as Viraja river is there near Vaikunam, Kaveri is there for Srirangam. And in this sannidhi He is sitting as in Sri Paramapadam ie Sri Vaikuntam.
Arjuna further says" For whom we desre to get these materialistic kingdom, happiness and pleasure are all arrayed against us in this war".Along side is Sri Andal sannidi. Here during the month of Margazhi [Dec-Jan] daily alankaram is made to depict that day's pasuram in Thiruppavai.
In the last verse he addressed Sri Krishna as Govinda. This has a significance. Govinda in sanskrit means He who is after land or cows. So Arjuna indirectly asks Him that you protect even cows but Arjuna is asked to fight with his guru like Bheeshma and Drona and kill them. Sri Krishna protects land but Arjuna is asked to fight with his kinsman to get those lands. After all everyone struggles in life to keep not only himself happy but others like spouse, children, parents etc. Mere money can not bring happiness. If a person is give enough money asked to live alone in an island, he would refuse and be prepared to be poor but be with his dear ones. So Arjuna is confused how by killing his relatives he can live happily without them.

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